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Friday, 17 June 2022

Coronation Street Episode Review Friday 17 June 2022

Evening Corrie fans, it’s Kelly here with your Friday night review.

It’s the day of the court hearing to decide who baby Alfie should live with, and it's Tension City over at Chez Webster. Abi is stressed, Jack is ill and Kev is surly - but that might be because he’s had to shave and has had that purple bomber jacket surgically removed from his back. He shouts at Jack that he hasn’t got time for his malingering and that he’d better do some homework. Err Kev, have you forgotten what happened when Jack wasn't well before and no-one took any notice?

Then to make matters worse, Debbie stomps in and questions Kev’s decision to bring up another man’s child, citing Jack’s parentage. Jack of course overhears everything and discovers that he is the result of Kev having an affair with Molly behind Tyrone's back. He rages at his dad that he’s lied to him his whole life and storms out. Seems a bit strange that at the age of 12, (or 32, it’s quite hard to tell), Jack has so far had zero curiosity about his mother and father’s relationship? Anyway, it’s all over and forgiven in five minutes, (no time for childhood traumas in Weatherfield), as Jack goes to see Tyrone who says that although he hated Kev at the time, he’s not a bad person and he loves Jack. 

Out on the street, Max’s dodgy-looking new mates give him some advice about Sonja. Apparently, her dad is rich and she lives in a massive house, so she won’t be impressed with a home-cooked meal in a Weatherfield terrace. Max asks David if he can borrow some money to take her out for a meal instead, but David refuses telling him he shouldn’t be embarrassed about where he lives as there’s nothing wrong it. Apart from the sinkhole, and the six people crammed into three bedrooms, and the time that Max’s own dad was buried under the floorboards…yep apart from that, nothing at all wrong. He eventually gives him the money.

Max isn’t the only Platt dissatisfied with his surroundings. While cleansing Shona’s chakras, (no, me neither?), Bernie spies an elephant ornament that Gail brought back from Thailand and tells Shona that it’s giving off strong negative energy. David is sceptical but Shona is convinced that it’s responsible for all the bad things that have happened to them. She tries to convince Gail to get rid of it but she refuses, claiming it’s probably one of Bernie’s scams. 

In other news, Debbie finds that £5k has been taken from the Bistro business account and Leanne admits she took it to pay for Toyah’s lawyer. Our Toyah herself has pleaded not guilty and been let out on bail. But she’s still annoyed at Leanne for doubting her innocence.

Elsewhere, after a night on Yasmeen’s sofa, Cathy apologises to Brian and they make up. Brian tells her that he’s put in an offer on a house in Cornwall, and although she puts on a brave face it’s clear that it’s not what she wants. She breaks the news that she doesn’t want to go to Cornwall, ends their relationship and literally five minutes later she’s saying goodbye to all her friends and leaving the Street. A distinctly underwhelming exit for Cathy. Still, at least she got to leave in Roy’s Woody rather than the usual taxi of doom. 

Back at court, Abi nips out for some air and starts gobbing off to some random woman that her judge will no doubt be some upper-class out of touch old fart. Random woman of course turns out to be the judge. However, she takes it quite well and decides Abi and Alfie will go to live in a mother and baby foster unit where they will be ‘rigorously assessed’. I have no idea what this involves? I immediately started imagining a regime of ice-baths and purging, but then I have read a lot of trashy novels.  

Finally united with Alfie, Abi is introduced to Wendy Papadapoulos, their foster carer who it turns out is only Wendy Flamin’ Crozier! Wait until Ken finds out.  

And that’s it for this week. See you back here in a fortnight or feel free to bother me in the comments or on twitter @mskelstar.

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coconno196 said...

Wendy Crozier must be in her mid-70s. Surely she'd be retired and/or considered to old to foster a baby?

Anonymous said...

Makes me laugh, jack websters supposed to be 11 but looks 18, he will be getting a pint in the rovers next

Anonymous said...


coconno196 said...

So hoarder Cathy leaves with barely any luggage, to live in one room at a never-before-mentioned friend's! True to life as usual LOL.

Jeanie said...

Jeanie: my son and Jack were born same month, same year, so every time I see him on screen, I do a double take, thinking Holy Cripes, how did he grow so huge?! Then look at my son, wondering, why are you still so small and jaunty and child-like?! And it's not just the looks; in manner, Jack is very solemn and grave. He has more maturity and seriousness than Kev and Abi combined!

The writing on these episodes seemed pretty shoddy and haphazard--do they think no one is paying attention? I mean, Leanne helps herself to 5000 pounds from her husband's and her husband's partner's business and the only response is, "Oh dear, Leanne, how could you??!" And Cathy not only breaks up with Brian but is leaving the street all in a matter of a few minutes--this after accepting his proposal and agreeing to move to Cornwall and showing no real signs of being dissatisfied with him? She's lived on the street for years, doesn't she need to pack or something? And Brian is able to get Jim's number from Jenny, book and bring him in for a cocktail session, befriend him, and find out about his dalliance with Cathy, all in a matter of a couple of hours?! It's a bit insulting to viewers (and the characters like Cathy) when the writers don't even try. I know we accept a lot of conventions (like millions of people living in the same house, everyone gathering to talk in the Rovers, the Bistro, the Shop, the factory etc.) but don't take viewers' good nature too much for granted!

Sharon boothroyd said...

Yes, it didn't ring true- Wendy must be way too old to be a foster mum, especially to care for a baby?
Cathy went quickly didn't she?
One minute she was agreeing to marry Brian and move, the next her stuff was packed in the car and she was off! A very hasty exit.
I hope she returns - I bet actress Melanie will, after 6 months of being at home.
I still think Alfie will turn out to be Kev's son.
The Toyah storyline is tedious.
Why would they let a someone charged with murder out on bail? isn't that a pretty serious offence?
I guess her tattoo lady solicitor will be the new partner at the legal practice - otherwise, why was she featured?

popcorn said...

@Sharon Boothroyd - I thought they already did a DNA test on baby Alfie to prove that he was Imran's son.

Tilly Flop said...

Yes, they did. Also it's obvious Imran is the father.
Wendy is more for monitoring Abi, than actual first carer.
Also tattoo lady was brought in so Toyah show hey disgust of her and try to make out she's not worthy as a solicitor and so Leanne could remove some money from the bistro account to get Toyah a new solicitor


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