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Saturday, 4 June 2022

Coronation Street Episode Review Friday 3 June 2022

Greetings Corrie fans, it’s Kelly here with your Friday night review.

Over at the hospital, Sarky Blonde Cop is interviewing Toyah in the presence of Leanne and the accusations are flying thick and fast. 

SBC claims that Imran told Toyah what she was going to say to the authorities, that she knew she stood to lose Alfie and Elsie and so deliberately crashed the car. Toyah denies he told her anything. Leanne is more concerned that it was Kelly who dobbed Imran, and by implication Toyah, into the rozzers after everything the pair did for her. Snitches get stiches Kel, and Leanne’s not the forgiving sort.

Someone who knows all about getting away with it is Gary. He tries to comfort Kelly by buying her some stuffed crust (guilt pizza?) and tells her that going to the police took guts and Imran would be proud of her. He also prophetically says that only the good die young. Thinking of anyone of particular Gaz?

Meanwhile Kev tells Abi that they will fight for Alfie, but she still fears that Social Services will take him away.

Toyah has checked herself out of hospital and tells Leanne that she can’t make sense of why Kelly would go to the police. Leanne wonders if she had a crush on Imran. I mean, she’s only human Lee. Let’s just take another look shall we.

When Leanne leaves, Toyah has a flashback to the crash. As they leave the police station Imran mansplains her choice of route, so she brakes and says does he want to drive? Mr Kelstar does this to me all the time, Toyah. However, much as I would enjoy a plot line about why men always think their driving is superior, I think this was more about showing that the brakes were working.

As they continue driving, (in fairness it does seem quite a long way around), Imran does indeed confess all about lying to the court. He swears he did it all for the right reasons but that now he can’t live with himself. Toyah rages that his lies will lead to him being struck off and them losing Elsie, as he warns her to keep her eyes on the road.

Toyah tells him she hates him with all her heart and seconds later we see the car drive straight into the wall. 

It’s looking damming for Toyah but…is there something that happened just before the collision that we haven’t seen? And who was in the mystery black car that was seen driving slowly past the crash scene and why didn’t they stop to help?

Flashback over, Toyah further implicates herself by deleting Imran’s voicemail message. I hope there’s going to be more to this than meets the eye, as I don’t think I’m down with sweet, helping everyone Ms Battersby/Habeeb suddenly having a complete personality transplant and turning into a murderer. But we’ll have to wait till Monday to find out. 

Apologies to any readers who are missing the usual withering sarcasm they have come to expect from these reviews. I have covid, so can barely manage a pithy comment at the moment. Send your messages of convalescence to me in the comments or to twitter @mskelstar. Shirtless pictures of Imran will also be acceptable.

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Fluttershy said...

Hope you feel better soon, Kelly, covid's a pain.

What a dull week of episodes, this "Big Soap Week" could and should have been over in one episode, not stretched out over five. What a snoozefest.

Anonymous said...

HOW was it mansplaining? There was a better route, Imran could have driven around the area many times and knew it? Poor taste.

Anonymous said...

Fluttershy, I actually came back every night to watch this week episodes after years of not watching. I am sorry that you found it dull, but I throughly enjoyed it.

I wonder if readers could try refrain from repeating themselves with how dull they find the episodes are, to avoid spoiling the pleasure of people who actually enjoyed it.

Anonymous said...

In Kelly's defense,I think she learned her lesson after keeping quiet about the circumstances surrounding Seb's death and the unfairness of Abi losing custody of Alfie on the anniversary of Seb's death due to Imram's lies hence her telling the police the truth about Abi being framed.

I do hope that the storyline isn't dragged out much longer as it doesn't seem right that Toyah who does seem to the one responsible for Imram's death still has custody of Alfie who should be with his mother[I'll duck now.LOL!]

Anonymous said...

Here here! I enjoyed the episodes as well. It's the fashion on here to say negative stuff, but I thought there was a cliff hanger at the end of each episode, giving just enough for you wanting more. I really don't know how people say it was a snoozefest, then in the next breath, they say too much is going on too quickly

coconno196 said...

Annoyingly, this story will drag on. Was Toyah trying to kill them both? Will Abi get Alfie back? etc.

Jeanie said...

For little Alfie's sake, hope he gets to stay with Toyah. Why anyone would think Abi should raise him, just because she's the biological mother, perplexes me. Though he's doomed to misery anyways, growing up on Coronation Street ..


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