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Saturday, 25 June 2022

Coronation Street Episode Review Friday 24 June 2022

We are all well aware of the dangers of drinking and driving, so a slightly inebriated Audrey should have known to stay away from a motorbike which has been hiding in the background for months.  Also, how did the front door get locked with Audrey still in there - or did I miss it?  Wednesday's cliffhanger was resolved when Brian (looking for his third trim in a few days) and Elaine (passing by) hear faint cries for help.  Coincidentally, Stephen responding to an overdramatic phone call from Sarah, arrives and breaks in to find his mother pinned to the floor.  An ambulance is summoned and R'Audrey and her Stephen are "blued and two-ed" to the hospital, where Audrey requires an operation for a ruptured spleen but is later well enough to tell Gail off and send her away with  Stephen becoming once again the favoured offspring.

Whilst Audrey was having her unexpected rest on the floor a Platt council of war gathered in Speed Daal - Gail, Nick, David, Sarah and Shona seeking wisdom from recovering alcoholic Peter Barlow on the best way to get Audrey to see the light and foreswear the demon alcohol.  Listening, I am not entirely sure that Peter's experiences were entirely helpful.  The pow-wow broke up when Brian panted down the stairs that there was someone in trouble in "Trim Up North".  I felt for poor Brian - he had obviously gone to the Platt residence at t'far end of t'Street and all the time they were all in Bistro just across the road from the barbers!

Tim and Sally are in Roy's Rolls and Tim tries to make a flirty joke which falls flat.  To work on their intimacy Sally has written "Things That Bring Me Joy" which includes "Visiting the stately homes of Cheshire, Creating objects of beauty with my crafting.  My hot tub.  Iconic old films that bring out the romance in my soul."  Tim responds with his little list: "Weathy County, Paul Weller,  Cheese." Oh, he adds rapidly seeing Sal's face - spending time with you my one and only true love.   They agree a lunch date in the Bistro, but Sal is definitely not impressed. Leaving the cafe Tim  is stopped by Aggie who tells him that she and Ed had a slight disagreement but had not had the chance to make up - so when Tim finds Ed and Ronnie in the Bistro later, rather than paying attention to Sally he is constantly using his phone to get Aggie to come to the Bistro.  Sally gets quite worked up at being ignored as she relates the timeless classic iconic romanticism of Dr Zhivago, especially as she has been told she has the look of a young Julie Christie.

I will let you find your own pictures of Miss Christie with such accoutrements.

Talking of romantic doctors Peter is also still worked up about Mr Thorne the surgeon and borrows an old tape machine which Ken used to use in his journalism days and which (amazingly) still works.  Peter invites Mr Thorne to Seb's memorial garden but Mr Thorne knows it is a set-up and insists Peter stops recording on his phone - which Peter does.  However the tape machine keeps running and eventually Peter has the evidence of an admission and is going to bring the man down.

Councillor Windass is almost glad she has been sacked as it means she has time to meet the union leader of the refuse worker's depot.  When Jimmy Dixon turns up he is a completely out of time unreconstructed antediluvian reptile looking for Maria's boss and having no interest in recycling - unless of course there is extra money in it which no councillor would ever offer to find ever - but Maria does.  Later Maria gives an interview which, unscripted, is excellent.  However the film is edited and released on social media and holds Maria up to complete ridicule.

George is almost in hiding as he is still trying to avoid Frank the school bully and together with Todd decide that they need to enable poor Sean to become aware of Frank's true nature as a leopard never changes its spots and therefore Frank must still be a bully, all they need to do is prove it.

Steve sees Sal in Victoria Gardens and gives her a pep talk about marriages and car crashes with reference to Tracy.  Steve makes it clear how much Tim loves her so the Metcalfes regroup in the Rovers.  And a few drinks later they depart for home!

Clearly the Sal and Tim stuff had real echoes of the Ogdens whilst the reversion to old technology was neat with Dr Thorne.  And will Elaine be Brian's new squeeze?  Clearly we are also seeing decent numbers in a scene now with the Platt family gathering and the whole feel is more like days of yore - but without any particular issues being examined - far more like proper Corrie as the family interplays (the Platts and the Metcalfes drive) - essentially the characters drive the narrative.  In many ways the most welcome episode in a long time.  Please tell me you agree on Twitter

Written by Julie Jones and Debbie Oates.  Directed by Becky Wild.


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Anonymous said...

The Platts were clearly in Speed Daal, as stated very clearly in the photo.

I really enjoyed this episode, it was really nice to see some family stuff and interactions between siblings, in both generations. It is really nice to see David and Sarah on good terms again.

coconno196 said...

When did Sally visit these stately homes, or take up crafting? ! When not at work she only ever goes to the pub, bistro or Speed Dahl!

Bobby Dazzler said...

Sally has always wanted to move to Cheshire...there's a magazine that she used to get from the cabin about the stately homes. Remember she sent Rosie to "Oakhill"? She's always wanted to be somewhere other than Coronation Street (until she met Tim) Never noticed her love of crafting though


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