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Friday, 18 September 2009

Corrie's fab photo Friday - September 18, 2009

Ecky thump! It's Gail and RBrian Tilsley strolling down Rosamund Street after an illicit rendezvous. Well, it's not really, it's Helen Worth and Chris Quentin at Lynne Perrie's funeral, but I can make things up, can't I? I don't know about other Corrie fans, but I waste quite a bit of time thinking what might have been. You know, if Val Barlow hadn't been frazzled or if RBrian hadn't been stabbed outside a disco and had stayed in Weatherfield.
Chris Quentin was written out in 1989 after falling out with producer Bill Podmore. Any Corrie actor should know not to get on the wrong side of the production team, and true to form, Chris's character was promptly killed off. What would have been different if RBrian hadn't been murdered? Top of the list for me? No David Platt!


Anonymous said...

I don't think he exactly fell out with Podmore as you suggest.

In fact, from reading Podmore's memoirs 'The Inside Story' I gained the distinct impression that there was a certain amount of nepotism during Podmore's tenure on the programme and that Quinten - far from being disliked by BP - was in fact (along with the likes Johnny Briggs) one of the (then) producer's favourite cast members.

Billy Niblick said...

Chris Quentin has a iron-clad claim on the title of Worst Actor Ever to Feature on Coronation Street.

The mystery isn't how he got sacked, but how he was ever cast in the first place.

Fishwife said...

Watching some old episodes last year I thought Chris Quinten (that's how he spells it, not Quentin) made a very good job of RBrian. He was certainly popular with viewers at the time.

But it is an interesting photo - because for one thing I have heard Helen Worth say she couldn't stand Chris and played all her scenes with him talking to a cup of tea or something similar.

Walzing Matilda said...

I didnt realise that Christopher Q fell out with the production team? All I remember from the time that he was an extremely cocky young man who got quite a bit of adulation from the show, got too big for his boots and thought he could make it in Hollywood - he did't. A "what if" list could be interesting. No Richard Hillman!!

Anonymous said...


The worst actor ever to feature on the show - are you sure about that?

I think there a few others who could challenge for that honour.

Have you never seen Kirk Sutherland :)

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