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Tuesday, 12 May 2009

Coronation Street Weekly Update, May 11 2009

Greetings and welcome to another weekly update. The update’s a little late this week. It wasn’t a matter of life or death which prevented the update coming through on time, but I can assure you, it was something much more serious than that (thank you Bill Shankly). And so, without any further ado, here we go with this week’s Coronation Street update.

Dev Alahan, eh? You either love him or you hate him but you wouldn’t really want him with all his nuddy bits out, not unless you were desperate, or Deirdre. But Dev in the nuddy was exposed in all his glory in a twenty foot poster dropped down the side of Victoria Court flats this week when Tara exacted her revenge on him for cheating on her with Lisa. Now then, officially, I thought they were on a break. “We were on a break!” yells Dev, but it’s no good, Tara’s gone and unveiled his exposure to the world with the word LIAR splashed across his little Devendra.

“That man’s got no clothes on,” says Simon Barlow when the poster’s unveiled as everyone else takes pictures with their phones. Later in the Rovers, Pam offers to Bluetooth Dev’s nuddy picture to Sean across the bar. Annie Walker must be spinning in her grave. But poor Dev, as if that wasn’t embarrassing enough, he’d only just been down on one knee and proposed to Tara with a bunch of roses in one hand and a glass of champagne in the other. Anyway, there’s tears and Tara leaves. “I never trusted that girl,” says comedy Uncle Umed, “her mouth was too wide.”

Corrie at the minute is on fire with damn fine scripts, fab stories and acting and Ken and Deirdre’s marriage came under scrutiny this week. Afraid that Peter is about to blow his cover and tell Deirdre about Martha, Ken comes clean and hands Deirdre the letter he was going to leave for her when he planned to sail away on Martha’s barge. But Deirdre isn’t gobsmacked by Ken’s declaration of love for another woman. She’s used to it now and settles down for a lifetime of dullness where the only thing to look forward to is decorating their living room a new shade of Barlow biege.

Deirdre tells Ken he’s a coward (he is) and that he’s not staying with her because he loves her, it’s because he's too scared to sail away, just like he was too scared to submit his novel to a publisher, because then he’d find out just how crap he really is. Ooh, she was good, was Deirdre in this bit. Ken wants Deirdre to yell at him, lose her temper, get angry, but she can’t. She really doesn’t care that much about Ken or their marriage anymore and refuses to heed to Blanche’s call to throw him out, so Blanche goes instead. She packs her bags and bumps into Kirk outside the house. “Are you going on yer holidays?” he asks her, seeing her with the suitcase. “Yes, I’m going to hell in a handcart” she replies before she tootles across the road to the bookies where she moves in with Peter and Simon. It’s not long before she gets under Peter’s skin and on his piggin’ nerves and takes his temperature with a rectal thermometer. And that’s something you don’t get in a soap every day.

At the Grimshaw’s, Julie and Eileen go through anger and denial before they accept that they’re sisters. Ooh, they’ll be borrowing each others’ clothes and fellas soon. Meanwhile, Colin lies ill in hospital after his stroke with occasional visits from the Grimshaw clan but the only grapes they take in are sour.

Meanwhile, Mary sits tight in the motorhome outside of Emily’s house waiting for Norris to pack his bags and set off with her on their trip around the world. Norris has no plans to go anywhere, certainly not exploring south of the border with Mary in the motorhome. He hasn’t got the courage to tell Mary all of this yet, but when he does, she’ll not be best pleased.

And finally this week, Michelle’s got both Peter and Luke sniffing round her wanting a bit of Connor lurve. But how to decide which one she should choose? I suggest a twenty foot high poster of both of them in the nude to help focus the mind.

And that’s just about that for this week.

Coronation Street writers this week were the powerhouse that is Martin Allen, David Lane, Julie Jones, Mark Burt and Damon Rochefort.

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