Saturday, 30 May 2009

Coronation Street weekly awards, May 30

Here's a few little "gold star" awards that I jotted down over the course of the week.

Fake of the week: Uncle Umed bragging about 1. Going to university but when quizzed on an economic theory, admits he learned on the flea markets. 2. Knowing famous Indian singers. 3. Being a wrestling master keeping the Mumbai Mafia at bay. 4. He almost got a role in a James Bond film, Octopussy. As Bill said, "Incredible". Amen. You do realize the literal meaning of that word is "non credible" or "not believable". Nobody else falls for his chat but Audrey does. She's a sucker for flattery. I don't trust him, I never have. He arrived almost instantly after Dev emailed him with the generic "Oh, you can stay here if you come to England for a visit," and I think he's sponging off Dev, with nowhere else to go. I don't think he's funny either although he did have the measure of Tara from the start. And another thing... he's the last person that should be "bigging himself up".

Just let the earth swallow me up now award: After Ryan had the run-in with Sian's dad, Michelle attempted to give him *the talk*... "people your age have urges". And she did it in front of Maria. I think if I was Ryan, I'd trade her in. Um, Michelle? You should have had that talk with him when he was about 12, not 17. Forewarned is forearmed. As it were.

Line of the week: After dumping Natasha, telling her she has a non-existant personality and is a mind-numbing conversationalist (got it in one!), "Don't upset Maria again? I would hate for us to really fall out." *snort*


Flaming Nora said...


Danny-K said...

Yet again the story-liners at Granada studios defy credibility - this time having Audrey accept a romantic dinner date with cartoon-like suitor, Uncle Umed; the two-ton, predatorial assassin-hunter of the Mumbai-mafia.
I try to get back into Corrie viewing and then am hit with this romantic incredulity - utterly and totally butterly out of character for Audrey! They might as well go the whole hog and have her going out with an expense account MP!
As for cartoon figure Uncle Amed - what's he doing squiring Audrey when his natural domain would be seeking out Jessica Rabbit?
Sheesh! At this rate I think I'll change my signing-in handle to Moaning Minnie.

Tvor said...

I think Umed takes what he can get. He's a sad, lonely character, really. And Audrey... doesn't surprise me. She'll take the attention where she can get it.

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