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Tuesday, 26 May 2009

Coronation Street Weekly Update, May 25 2009

Greetings and welcome to a special Whitsuntide edition of the weekly update. This week the update has its knotted hanky on its head as it sits on a stripey deckchair in the garden eating mushy peas. But that’s enough malarkey and without any further ado, here we go with this week’s Coronation Street update.

News of Colin’s death spreads fast as Julie wails the length of Rosamund Street. Not only is she grieving but she wants everyone to know it, especially Eileen, who Julie accuses of being cold about the death of their dad. Eileen’s grieving too, just in her own way. Missing out on a great excuse to bring back Archie Shuttleworth, the funeral goes ahead and Julie and Eileen thaw towards each other while Rita makes her mind up to attend too late and misses it all. Mind you, I’m surprised Blanche wasn’t there with her mint imperials and a Marian Keyes. Julie tries bonding with big sister Eileen and brings round The Sound of Music on DVD. Eileen gets stuck into the booze while Julie and Sean get teary during Edelweiss. Oh me too, every time.

Chesney finds out that Fiz has been visiting John in prison and isn’t best pleased. He bribes Eddie Windass with Les’ Status Quo badge into telling him where he’s dropped Fiz off in his taxi. The passing of Les Battersby’s Status Quo badge to Eddie was symbolic in its way. It’s the badge of a feckless man and Eddie Windass now wears it with pride. Chesney implodes with anger and spite at his stupid sister and then does the grown-up thing and runs away. Fortunately he doesn’t run very far and ends up in the Windass’s shed. Sophie finds out the reason Chesney ran away and tells Sally and Kev who storm round to give Fiz a piece of what-for. Ches then tells Fiz she has to make a choice between him and John Stape and she heads to the prison in tears. For once, the Stapester does the right thing and tells Fiz he won’t allow her to visit anymore because he can see how much hurt that he’s caused. Meanwhile, thousands of Corrie fans up and down the country shout at their TV for Fiz to get a grip.

Norris tries to cope with having brother Ramsay around. He’s all for ignoring him but Ramsay’s not to be ignored. He’s in the Rovers getting filled in all on the gossip by Blanche, chatting up Rita and Emily and joining in a sing-song of The Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia with Deirdre and Ken. Come on Corrie, if you’re going to get Deirdre singing in the Rovers, at least let her get her harmonic out. Best line of the week went to Deirdre in the Rovers with Ken at the bar. He orders a pint and Poppy says in surprise: “I thought you were a half man?” to which Deirdre replies with: “Yes, that’s always been his problem.” But it looks like Norris and Ramsay might be thawing towards each other after Norris wins the pub quiz, beating his brother.

And just as Luke thinks he’s getting somewhere with Michelle, she announces she’s off on a singing tour with JD and the band for six months. This means Luke and Michelle have ten days together before she leaves so he tells her he wants a holiday romance in the time that they’ve got and sets up a paddling pool and deck-chairs in Maria’s back yard. It’s all a bit contrived but it’s a set up to see who Michelle will end up with – Peter, Luke, or some other fella from the Old Testament.

And that’s just about that for this week.

Coronation Street writers this week were Damon Rochefort, Debbie Oates, Julie Jones, Jayne Hollinson and Joe Turner.

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