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Tuesday, 19 May 2009

Coronation Street Weekly Update, May 18 2009

Hello and welcome to another weekly update. It’s late again this week for the very same reason it was late last week. When you’re a football fan, especially when it’s almost the end of the season and your team’s life hangs in the balance between VIP and economy, well, it’s all you can do to tune in and watch the action from behind a cushion. I can’t even promise the update won’t be late next week ‘cos it’s a Bank Holiday Weekend and I just might be out somewhere exotic, Sainsbury’s perhaps. But anyway, without any further ado, here we go with this week’s Coronation Street update.

It’s been a bit of a week for Norris. First off Mary tries to seduce him in the motorhome with her amuse bouche and Sheena Easton impression. “What do you wear in bed?” she purrs to the reluctant newsagent. “Me?” she replies without being asked. “I wear a touch of Tweed by Lentheric and I like to stroke my muumuu.” She’s all over him, is Mary, and Norris isn’t best pleased, he runs for the door and flings Mary to the ground. So it comes as no surprise that Mary sets off on her grand tour in her anorak, alone. You’d think Norris would be happy that Mary’s gone but he’s left wondering if he’s made a big mistake. And just as Norris is pondering this, into his life walks his half-brother Manuel. He’s from Barcelona, you know.

Norris and Ramsay haven’t seen each other for 50 years so was I the only viewer to raise an eyebrow that they recognised each other immediately in the Rovers? Norris wants nowt to do with Ramsay and tells Rita and Emily that Ramsay killed their mum. These are strong words from Norris but it turns out the truth is far less murderous and Norris is being a big drama queen.

Best scene of the week for this Corrie fan was Deirdre dancing around the kitchen, just to spite Ken. She turns the radio up loud and dances by the kitchen sink to defy Ken and his air of Radio 4. She throws wanton abandon to the wind of a pop tune and lets Ken know in no uncertain terms that she’s fed up to the back teeth with him being a boring old tart.

Meanwhile over the road, Peter tries but gets nowhere with Michelle, who’s eyeing up Luke Strong. He’s the man who always goes back for the wabbit, remember, and he might also be the man who always gets the girl.

Boring story of the week was Fiz finding out that John’s been beaten up in prison and lies ill in a hospital bed. Maria gets the truth out about John from Fiz and like the whole of the nation, yells at the TV screen: “Oi, Fiz! No!”

Over at the cash and carry, Eddie Windass takes Roy’s ID to buy loads of cheap booze. As he goes through the security exit, the buzzers go off and the store’s on alert. But he doesn’t get nicked, oh no. The store manager tells Eddie that he’s won a European weekend break to a destination of his choice. It’ll all come out in the wash, these things always do.

Elsewhere, Connie invites Jack to spend two weeks in Spain. He’s got the string vest and the hankie for his head, so he needs no persuading. But he lies to Molly and Tyrone and says he’s off to Blackpool, on his own.

And at Eileen’s house, Colin pops his clogs and dies on the sofa, just before the police come to arrest him. The one good, nay, excellent thing to come out of this storyline is that once they get over the funeral and grief, Eileen and Julie could well become one of Corrie’s best ever comedy and dramatic partnership. Have we ever had a pair of middle-aged sisters on Corrie before?

And that’s just about that for this week.

Coronation Street writers this week were Jonathan Harvey, Peter Whalley and Lucy Gannon.

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Anonymous said...

Football is quite timely. I've just watched the episode where David pushes Gail down the stairs. On David's door is the MCFC crest.

Now am I sure I remember seeing David's bedroom many a year ago, during the height of Beckham and there were MUFC posters on the wall. Has David changed his colours?

Are there any Manchester United supporters living in Coronation Street? I know Curly and Ryan are City fans. Jack once made a comment about having four northern teams in the top four and no London teams, but that was a good few years ago now.


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