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Monday 20 April 2009

Coronation Street Weekly Update, April 20 2009

Well, here we are again with another weekly peek at the goings on from the cobbles. How’s your week been since we met last? Really? Oh? Have you seen the doctor about it? Anyway, without any further ado, here we go with this week’s Coronation Street update.

“It were an accident!” yells Audrey when Saint Ted the Tolerant asks her why she blurted to Peter Barlow about Ken’s fancy-piece. She was never one for keeping secrets, was Audrey. Of course, now Peter knows, he makes Ken’s life a misery and gets a poke in at his dad’s infidelity as often as he can. That Ken never reminded his boy of his bigamy was big of him. Anyway, Ken’s heart might be by the barge but his jim-jams lie next to Deirdre in bed and he tries, well, sort of, to make amends with his missus although it’s clear that Martha’s much on his mind.

Jack moans in the Rovers to Betty that the love of life is with him no more. Betty empathises that Vera’s much missed but it’s not his missus he’s missing, it’s his best pigeon, Scarlett O’Hara. Well, they’re not called homing pigeons for nothing and it’s not long before Scarlett’s safely back on the Street when a woman called Connie finds it in her garden and brings it back to Jack. Connie and Jack bond over pigeons and a cuppa and she puts a smile on his face, the likes of which we haven’t seen since he won the treble at the bookies back in ’89. They meet again for a drink in the Rovers and as they part with happy smiles on their faces, Jack waves Connie off with a friendly: “Ta-ra, lovey” as Betty watches from behind the bar with a face like a cat’s behind.

Up in the flat in the sky at Victoria Court there’s a Brian Rix farce acted out. Doors open, doors close, secrets about Dev sleeping with Lisa while Tara was away are revealed and all that’s missing is a defrocked vicar in Dev’s kitchen. Now Tara knows what dirty Dev’s capable of, she doesn’t decide to leave him but she does decide to exact her revenge. She lulls him into thinking the pair of them are booked in for a photoshoot to celebrate their coupledom but it’s a ploy to get Dev in the nuddy for some very personal snaps. He’s great in this scene, is Dev. He’s coy, then shy, the loving the camera and the attention and all the while, he’s very, very nude with just the camera lens to shield his exposure.

Theresa Morton’s moved back on the Street and Dev installs her in the flat above the shop on the condition that Darryl moves out of Dev’s flat and lives with his own mum, instead of with Dev’s daughter Amber. I’m not sure about Theresa Morton, but willing to give her another chance and see what pans out. She and Windass senior could be interesting to watch. “Has Minnie chucked in her pinny?” she asks when Minnie walks out of the kebab shop in disgust at Theresa working there. Not one to let the grass grow, Theresa takes up the reins, puts on the pinny and starts working in the shop alongside her son whose apron strings match his mum’s.

In the Rovers, Poppy and Betty are at odds behind the bar. Poppy’s all customer-focussed and service-oriented while Betty just wants to sit down and put her feet up with a copy of Chit Chat and a quarter of lemon creams.

At Underworld, Maria finds out that Tony’s got a private investigator looking into Luke. She tells Tom who tells Luke who sacks Tony from the stitching and bitching factory of life. He’s not one to take the news well, isn’t Tony, and sure enough he threatens to take away 35% of Underworld's business in one fell swoop by moving the orders for his catalogue corsetry elsewhere. Never mind, I’m sure Underworld will survive, aren’t they still stitching pants for the Belgian Army?

And finally this week, Becky and Steve return from the Maldives with presents for everyone, very orange tans and news that Becky enjoyed it mainly because of the king-size bed, four feather pillows and having Steve all to herself in the nicky-nacky-noo. I didn’t know that was in the Maldives, did you? But Steve’s post-holiday glow dimmers soon after he lands at Manchester airport when he finds out that Tracy has asked to see little Amy in prison. He dithers and doesn’t know what to do for the best but finally agrees to let Amy see her mum. Roy tells Becky not to get involved, but with Becky, it’s in one ear and out t’other and with nowt but candy floss to muffle the noise in between.

And that’s just about that for this week.

Coronation Street writers this week were David Lane, Jayne Hollinson and Debbie Oates.

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