Wednesday, 22 April 2009

Coronation Street audiocast ends its run at ITV

It's the end of the line for Jeremy Kyle's Word on the Street audiocast on the official Corrie site. This week Jeremy speaks to Brooke Vincent (Sophie Webster) and Kym Marsh (Michelle Connor). You can listen to it here.

The best bit of the audiocasts, for this fan, has been the inside info from Alison Sinclair, Corrie's Chief Publicity Officer. This week she reveals why the Corrie set won't be reopened to the public and which character she'd personally like to see back on the cobbles. She also tells fans that Rita May, who plays Jack's new woman Connie, holds the record for the actress who's played the most characters on the show and hints at some explosive scenes when Carla Connor returns in the autumn.

But fear not, Corrie fans, because the Word on the Street Coronation Street podcast existed long before Jeremy Kyle's and will continue long after. Check out the Coronation Street podcast Word on the Street at the Soap Show website.


Deborah said...

For us Canadians who can't see this, could you tell us why they won't be opening up the tours again? Also who would Alison like to see return?

Flaming Nora said...

Hi Deborah - sorry, I didn't know that outside of the UK you couldn't listen to it. Anyway, the tours won't reopen because they're used extensively for filming although Alison said that next year for Corrie's 50th there will be competitions to win a tour. And she'd like Reg Holdsworth to return.

Deborah said...

Thanks Glenda. I figured it was too much with all the filming they do.

I've been watching some old tapes lately from the early 90's I was given, Reg certainly wouldn't be my choice.

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