Sunday, 26 April 2009

Bill Tarmey's deafness transfers to Corrie plot

Bill Tarmey's hearing isn't what it was and at 68 years of age, this comes as no surprise. And so Bill has asked the Coronation Street scriptwriters to highlight loss of hearing and include a storyline where Jack Duckworth has a hearing aid fitted.

Bill says in an interview with the Manchester Evening News: "My wife was always going on about the television being too loud. Deafness sort of creeps up on you. It was starting to get a bit embarrassing. On the set, people would have to prompt me to start speaking if the prompt came from the right-hand side. Jack is five years older than me and there will be nothing at all unusual about a character of 73 having hearing aids. That's why I have asked the scriptwriters to get a storyline included."

Did you know that Bill Tarmey is one of only a handful of Coronation Street actors who have their own official websites?
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