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Monday 10 November 2008

Coronation Street Weekly Update, November 10 2008

Hello, it’s me again coming atcha with another weekly update. This week the update is wearing its best fluffy socks with matching scarf and pants. It’s warm but it’s starting to itch. And so, without any further ado, here we go with this week’s Coronation Street update.

There’s tears at th’Webster tea table when Rosie returns home, free from John’s clutches and his grandma’s spare room. He’s arrested and taken to Weatherfield nick where he’s visited by Fiz who tells him she loves him. I always credited Fiz with more sense than that and she finally proves me right and stops taking his calls. With Rosie home, a huge bouquet of flowers with Tony Gordon behind it walks down the Webster garden path and has a quiet word with Rosie. Tony demands that Rosie keep quiet about the movie she filmed of Carla snogging Liam. When Sally finds out, she’s suspicious about Tony’s motives for keeping the snog secret and she copies the movie from Rosie’s work PC to a memory stick, just in case. Well, you never know when a bit of blackmail cash might come in useful, there’s a credit crunch going on. I’ve just had to sell all my relatives on eBay to pay the gas bill this week.

Rosie, of course, is Underworld gossip of the week as news filters in of her whereabouts and whatnots over the last few weeks. Wiki is feeling particularly vengeful towards John Stape and indeed men in general. She waxes lyrical about the time she poured boiling water over her husband’s private parts because he made love to her best friend. She’s a dark one, that Wiki.

Speaking of the credit crunch, Tony’s feeling the murky waters of debt puddle around his ankles. His accountant tells him he needs to sell the Victoria Court flats to make some money, fast. To tide him over the flood of his financial crisis, Tony moves funds from Underworld to his own business account, forging Carla’s signature on the company cheque. If anyone’s wondering where Carla’s gone, she’s visiting a friend in Los Angeles. Yes, she’s gone to la-la land, which has been renamed in her honour Carla-la land. The Underworld girls are revolting this week when they find out they haven’t been paid. Tony knows why but he keeps them sweet by throwing a tenner on the table in the Rovers and tells them the drinks are on him.

Winner of the Weatherfield Father of The Year Award 1965-1987, Ken Barlow is in a conundrum as Peter won’t look after his son, Simon. While Simon’s waiting for Peter coming back from the shops, Peter’s in the Rovers waiting for someone to serve him. When Ken tries to have a word, Peter gets stroppy and flexes his tattoos in front of the sideboard from where Uncle Albert looks on with a grimace on his face. But when Blanche has a word with me laddo about doing the right thing by Simon, Peter thinks on. He gets Simon a school place at Bessie Street Primary but then packs his bags and tries to do a runner, intending to leave Simon with granddad Ken and great-grandma Blanche. When that plan’s thwarted, Peter calls in Social Services to dump Simon on the state. Ken’s apoplectic when Peter’s not apologetic and Mr Barlow (Snr) tells Mr Barlow (Jnr) that he and Deirdre will take in Simon as their own and look after him rather than see him sent to the workhouse. Mr Barlow (very Jnr) steals all the scenes he’s in this week. He’s still doesn’t say much and Blanche has named him Shymon, but the kid’s a little star in the make.

What do you call Janice Battersby in a suit? The accused. She gets dolled up in her best Primarni for a day in court on fraud charges over the lottery hoohaa and for crimes against fashion. She’s relieved to be given community service instead of a six month stretch. But the patients of Weatherfield General best think on as Janice gets to serve her sentence in the hospital canteen.

Over at Gail’s house she and Joe continue to get comfy but their peace and quiet’s shattered when David returns from Ted’s house in that London and his ex-cell mate, Graeme (the one that sings) moves in to live on the sofa. I’m loving it already.

And finally this week, Roy prepares for the return of Hayley from foreign shores soon and ponders buying his missus some new bubble bath.

And that’s just about that for this week.

Coronation Street writers this week were Chris Fewtrell, Lucy Gannon, Julie Jones, Simon Crowther and David Lane.

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