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Monday 17 November 2008

Coronation Street Weekly Update, November 17 2008

Hello gentle readers and welcome to another weekly update. This week the update is full of beans with egg on its face. As you can tell, it’s been one of those weeks. And so, without any further ado, here we go with this week’s Coronation Street update.

The big news first up is that a red anorak with Hayley Cropper in it returns from Africa this week. Roy’s wearing his best shirt with anticipation and gathers a small crowd in the caf√© for Hayley’s return. But she’s quiet, is Hayley, after a year away from the Street and hasn’t got much to say for herself. Well, it must take some adjusting, from living with lions and tigers and bears, oh my, to being back on the cobbled brick road of Weatherfield. As she tries to adjust to life back in the flat, Hayley’s gobsmacked to see her husband checking out Becky’s make-up before Becky hits the town in a short, spangly frock. She’s even more lost for words when Becky shouts “Laters!” as she heads out the door, only for Roy to respond in the same. By ‘eck, there’s been some changes made while she’s been gone.

Elsewhere this week, Gail and Joe’s secret is out as Graeme, David and Tina catch the oldies at it, you know, it, on the sofa. As nuclear fall out hits the Platt’s house, there’s yelling and storming out and it’s left to Graeme to do the sensible thing with the kettle in his hand. “Cuppa tea, anyone?” He’s great, is Graeme. Anyway, David and Tina come around to the fact that her dad and his mum are having it away and David warms to Joe. So much, in fact that he threatens a rough family called Windass when they won’t pay Joe for the kitchen he’s installed. (Once upon a time in Corrie, Ena Sharples once defined the class of an area by calling it ‘very bay window’. Now we can define it by being ‘very bad Windass’. I think you know the sort of people I mean; shell suits, mad hair, staring eyes, the works). Anyway, they’re trouble this Windass lot and they’re out for revenge starting with stealing Joe’s work tools so David, Tina and Graeme go back to their house and rip out the kitchen before Graeme sends it all up in flames.

Over at the bookies, Peter Barlow comes into a quarter of a million pound fortune when Lucy’s will’s read and he cops for the lot. There’s a condition, of course, and it’s that he uses the money to bring up little Simon. Peter’s plans of doing a runner are put on hold as he buys the bookies from Dan Mason and moves into the bookie flat with his little boy. Ken’s not happy, as you’d expect, but Peter turns a blind eye to the ear-ache and starts flirting with Leanne. Meanwhile, in one of the best exits Corrie’s seen in a while, bookie Dan Mason packed up and left, driving his car off the cobbles while it was being set upon by Kelly Crabtree and her handbag, yelling at him as he leaves: “You’re boring, you smell and you’re no good in bed.” Ah, bless.

Dev tries to get close to Tara this week but he can’t hide his fear when she tells him that her ex confessed he’d been sleeping with her mum as well as with her. “No! Surely not!, etc.” says Dev, twiddling his hair in that nervous way that four year olds do. But while he’s worried about Tara, devious Dev sets about to exploit Darryl and buy the kebab shop from him after Darryl lets Dev see the books for the shop. Clearly a man with no money troubles despite the recession. Credit crunch? Schmunch.

Over at Underworld, the girls finally get paid but they aren’t happy with Tony Gordon’s financial goings-on and he consoles himself with a spot of Phil Collins. How very tacky and yet somehow, how very right for Tony.

In the Kabin, Norris carries on comping and tries to rustle up in twenty words or less why he wants to meet Cliff Richard when he plays next in Manchester. “Well, yes, but does he want to meet you?” muses Rita.

Over the road, Aunty Pam enlists Tyrone’s help to sell gentlemen’s almost-silk undergarments (aka lycra pants) in pubs around town. Tyrone lies to Molly and says he’s going to the gym and even though he’s helping Pam in order to raise money for their wedding, he’s lying to his lady and that ain’t good.

And finally this week, a beautiful scene in the Weatherfield hospital canteen when Emily’s helping out and Sunny Jim (aka Jed Stone) recognises his former friend and neighbour after 40 years. The two of them chat, catch up, have a coffee and reminisce about ‘Ma’. For those of us, er, mature enough to remember Minnie Caldwell, this brought a lump to the throat.

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