Sunday, 9 November 2008

Rob James-Collier grows a beard

Is Rob James-Collier's new beard all part of Coronation Street's Liam Connor wanting to be taken seriously as an AcTorr instead of a piece of soap froth? Who knows?

Perhaps the Beard Liberation Front can help answer this burning beardy question.


Anonymous said...

You know what, i still would! Time alone with a razor is all that sex god needs ;)

Anonymous said...

He's still the most gorgeous guy ever, I'm just not keen on beards!
But yeah, I still would anyday ;]

JohnnyFox said...

not a good look for R Liam, especially with the greasy mop

Glenda Young said...

I think it works.

Anonymous said...

I'm not a fan of beards usually but some people can pull it off.
He still looks great and he pulls off stubble too.

I just love him as an actor as well as his looks. t's not all about apprearence.
I hope he does something new soon.

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