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Tuesday 25 November 2008

Coronation Street Weekly Update, November 24 2008

Shake the update this week and it will rattle, it really will. It’s stocking up on tablets to ward off the chills, popping vitamins and zinc pills while all around it everyone sneezes and snuffles. It doesn’t want to catch cold but it thinks it just might. But before it does and without any further ado, here we go with this week’s Coronation Street update.

Joe whisks Gail away for a dirty weekend and David’s shocked at his mum’s going away outfit. “Where are you off to? 1963?”. She’s off to the land of lurve with Tina’s dad and while the grown-ups are away, Tina, David and Graeme get up to no good. First off, Graeme nicks a car for David and Tina but the nasty Windass clan come by and steal it, which ends up being A Good Thing because Graeme wasn’t sure how he was going to get rid of it, although his eyes lit up when he thought of setting it alight. As the Windass men stalk the Street in their car, staring hard at the Platt household, dreaming up evil to do to David and Graeme, Graeme only goes and gets himself a job at the butchers, working with Ashley. Hang on a minute. Wasn’t Kirkeh working with Ashley and didn’t Ashley have to lay him off as there wasn’t the work? And where’s Boris gone? Just a thought.

With all of his comping, you’d think Norris would be pleased to get a call from the magazines saying he’d won a Cliff Richard competition. But no, he’s not happy, because he’s come second place yet again to a certain Mary Taylor who’s won the first spot. He’s even less pleased when Emily brings home Jed Stone (Sunny Jim) to live in the front parlour until he’s sorted himself out with a new place to live. Norris is upset with this new arrangement but his interest is piqued when Jed tells him about the evil Tony Gordon who’s ousted him from his house. And in a wonderful scene, Jed and Emily chat about ‘ma’, Minnie Caldwell herself, and Jed recounts one of Minnie’s favourite phrases. "I know folk think I'm simple. What I say to them is that I'd rather be simple and 'ave my pleasures than know everything.” But that’s not all she said and you can read Minnie’s quote - in full - on her profile which was written by Corrie fan Sunny Jim.

Now then, Hayley might be back on the Street but she’s having trouble settling in. She tells Roy she wants to go back to Africa and while it’s hard for him to hear, he realises he has to let her go. But then she tells him the truth, it’s not Africa her heart yearns for, it’s Olaf the team leader who she had a crush on. Well, he did have a guitar and sing Swedish folk songs, you can see how that would turn a girl’s head. Once admitted, Hayley feels ashamed and Roy forgives all. There’s big hugs all round and Hayley decides to stay. She heads to the factory where Tony Gordon wants Hayley as Supervisor but Hayley wants to do something more meaningful instead. Roy suggests she talk to Emily about volunteering with the youth centre and Tony gives Hayley’s job to Fiz, who’s over the moon.

Yes, Fiz is back on the Street, back from Africa with Chesney and Kirkeh in tow. There’s not much to say about what they did while they were out there, you’ll have to buy the DVD to find out.

Elsewhere, Amber heads off to Finland this week after it all kicks off in the flat up in the sky. First off, Dev buys the kebab shop and puts Darryl out of a job. To get her revenge, Amber tells Tara about Dev sleeping with her mum for which she gets a slap in return and a tearful Tara says ta-ra to Dev. Amber decides to take up her mum’s offer to go to live in Finland but tells Dev she’s leaving him to give him space to grow up. While she’s away, Dev tries and fails to cope with his new kebab empire and ends up taking on Darryl to work there, with an increased salary and a really silly hat.

And finally this week, Michelle’s mum and dad are over from Oireland again, so they are, for their wedding anniversary party. Michelle wants Steve on duty in the pub for party favours on Wednesday. Problem is, he’s already agreed he’ll testify in court that day for Becky. And if he doesn’t testify, Becky’ll go to jail. So what’s it to be, laughing boy?
Ooh, I think we can guess.

And that’s just about that for this week.

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