Saturday, 1 November 2008

Corrie writer profile: Martin Sterling

Sources:, BBC

Martin Sterling has worked as a storyline writer on Coronation Street since October 2004. He was born in Manchester in 1962 and became a professional writer in 1993 following a successful banking career.

On writing for Corrie, Martin said in an interview with the BBC: "Coronation Street is voracious, it just eats up material and there's no time to be a dreamy writer on the show because the deadlines are so tight. On Coronation Street, I have to satisfy the producer, series editor and story editor with every piece I deliver. And their standards are bloody high, which is why the show's winning so many awards."

Martin's first book, Keeping The British End Up, was published in 1987 and he subsequently co-wrote (with Gary Morecambe) Morecambe and Wise: Behind The Sunshine (1994), Memories of Eric (1999), Cary Grant: In Name Only (2001) and Martinis, Girls and Guns: Fifty Years of 007 (2002).

His first play, A Test Of Compassion, was performed in 1990. Martin describes the play as "a satire on the tabloid hysteria surrounding AIDS at that time". Other plays penned by Martin include Framed! which starred Thomas Craig, who played Corrie's Tommy Harris.

As a journalist, Martin's contributed to publications ranging from The Times to Woman's Weekly and was also a familiar voice to BBC Radio Norfolk listeners for more than a decade. Martin has also made numerous national TV and radio appearances, including several guest slots on Gloria Hunniford's Open House show.

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Anonymous said...

Such a fan of Martins work, especially the recent Hayley story. I am always in awe of anyone who can weave a tale with such craft. Every twist and turn leaves the viewer wanting more. I'd love to be a fly on the wall at writers' meetings - the cut and thrust of ideas competing with each other must be intoxicating. With Sky rampant in the TV world at the moment, it is still good to know that a top rated show can still be made and written in the North. Corrie's scripts are currently worth their weightin gold - I'd have my hands insured if i was writing for it!

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