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Thursday, 6 November 2008

The truth behind Kym Marsh's tattoo

Emails regularly come in to the blog asking if there's a meaning behind Kym Marsh's tattoo. Kym, as Coronation Street fans will know, plays Michelle Connor in Corrie.

Well, in a 2002 edition of OK! magazine, Kym was quoted saying this about one of her tattoos. Apparantly, she got it for her husband, Jack Ryder.

Q: "You've got a new tattoo, which spells Jack in Chinese. Was it a surprise for him?"

Kym: "Yes, I'd been away for a few days to see my family and I went to the tattooist who did my other tattoos. I asked him what the symbol for Jack was - I always check because it could mean egg fried rice! It was very painful."

Jack and Kym have now split and Kym is rumoured to be marrying this fella.


Anonymous said...

Is not in Chinese. It appears to be Arabic or Urdu. And it doesn't look like it says Jack. For starters it's two words.

Anonymous said...

it is arabic, top: 'david' and bottom is 'emily'. maybe her children??????

Anonymous said...

Yes anonymouse you are absolutely right they do spell 'david' , 'emil'.

Anonymous said...

yeah the tattoo kims got is in urdu/arabic 100% that aint chinese, duh!But I say 'urdu' before 'arabic' because both are the same thing with a slight difference of urdu having a few extra letters in its alphabet and arabic has punctuation marks (e.g. '.,;) whereas urdu doesn't! and yeah its two words,names to be precise and emily and david are her kids names coz i know her daughters definately an Emily.

Anonymous said...

Yes they are Arabic words and they say

David = دافيد

Emily =اميلي

but the question now, why she choiced to write Arabic words???


Anonymous said...

if you look closely there is a tattoo above the two arabic written ones... That is Chinese

Neil said...

The Chinese character at the top is 女 which means girl, woman, female.

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