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Wednesday 18 January 2023

Preview of tonight's Coronation Street - Wednesday 18 January 2023

Wednesday 18th January

PAUL PUSHES MIKE TOO FAR Billy, Paul and Aaron are furious when the police officer tells them that Mike and Esther have accused Summer of lying about being pregnant in order to extort money from them in exchange for the baby. Todd and Paul are horrified to find Mike at Summer’s bedside. As Mike hurries out and angry Paul goes after him. As Mike approaches his front door, he finds himself confronted with Paul and Todd. Paul sees red and shoves him hard. Mike falls, hitting his head on a plant pot. Todd and Paul stare at his motionless body, horrified. Has Paul killed Mike?

TEDDY’S MEMORY STARTS TO RETURN In the Rovers Stephen confides in Gail that he’s worried Elaine might be reading too much into their friendship. Teddy overhears and parks himself at Stephen and Elaine’s table. Elaine’s miffed at the intrusion, but Stephen’s secretly grateful. With Elaine gone, Teddy explains to Stephen that he overheard his conversation with Gail and thought he’d come to his rescue. Stephen’s grateful and offers to get the drinks in but panics when Teddy suddenly remembers something about the accident.

NICK’S ANXIOUS NOW DAMON IS SEEMINGLY ONSIDE Damon suggests to Nick and Leanne they should all come up with some new ideas to improve business.  Leanne’s won over whilst Nick’s wary. When Ryan reveals that according to his mate in Ibiza, Damon is a known drug dealer and once put a rival club owner in hospital, Nick’s worried sick. Nick confronts Damon and asserts that he won’t allow drugs in the bistro. Damon spells out that he’s no choice unless he wants Leanne to find out where the money came from. 

DAISY AND DANIEL As Daisy and Daniel draw up a list of wedding guests, Daisy reveals that all her friends are fellow influencers as she’s lost touch with her childhood friends. Daniel vows to secretly track down her old friends and invite them to the wedding. Jenny reckons it’s a lovely idea. But will Daisy feel the same? 

ELSEWHERE Fiz and Tyrone decide that it would be good for the girls to have a pet to look after. Tyrone and the girls return from the pet shop with Cilla the chinchilla. Fiz is unimpressed. Fiz and Tyrone watch as Hope bonds with Cilla the chinchilla, optimistic that it could be a new beginning as she’s clearly smitten with her new pet.

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Fluttershy said...

Fix and Tyrone constantly rewarding and re-enforcing Herp's bad behaviour - wonder she's turning out to be the next serial killer. I've got money on her hitting puberty and killing Ruh-Beh. (Ruh-Beh is a very quiet child, always going upstairs while Herp gets all the attention - perhaps it'll be Rub-Beh that snaps and kills Herp... Either way, it'll be Fizrone's bad parenting to blame).

Anonymous said...

How do you suggest that Fiz and Tyrone parent Hope? I thought the scene between Fiz and Hope was sweet, and how Hope finally felt validated by being allowed to ask questions about her father as how everyone would be about their own parent. And, how Hope finally feels she is Hope Dobbs, signfiying that she is settling and was lashing out because her feelings were not addressed.

David Platt is not a serial killer even if he lived with Richard and have had a crazy upbringing. He turns out to be a decent person, and see how Gail parented him.

Anonymous said...

If hope killed someone tyrone would just take her on holiday

Sharon boothroyd said...

I don't know much about modern parenting but they do seem to be very indulgent towards Hope. I bet Evelyn would make a better job of it.
If my hubby brought a pet home without discussing it with me first, I'd be furious, especially as there's a dog in the Dobbs house already!
We haven't seen David the dog, or Steve's dog for a long while.

Llywela said...

Really irresponsible of Corrie to show a chinchilla being casually purchased as a pet like this - especially having seen other spoilers about how the story ends. Chinchillas are endangered animals which require specialist care and need to live in the company of others of their own kind. Picking one up from a pet shop without any research or preparation and bringing it home in an unsuitable small cage as shown in the spoiler pics is appalling - and the story doesn't even seem to be making the point that it is wrong! It just reinforces the idea that it is okay to trade in exotic species as pets like this. We should be moving away from that kind of trade, not normalising it, as it will simply cause more animals to suffer.

Bobby Dazzler said...

I'm going to guess that Hope is the one who "offed" Cilla the Chinchilla.....a budding serial killer, enabled by her well meaning but simple parents.


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