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Tuesday 31 January 2023

Coronation Street Episode Review Monday 30th January

Coronation Street spoilers: Hope Stape and Sam Blakeman  

Pets are supposed to teach small children about death; unfortunately the vicious murder of Cilla the chinchilla has taught Hope about vengeance. I presume like most murders in Weatherfield, it will be a miscarriage of justice and it's actually Cerberus who's the real canine crim. Hope inveigles Sam into borrowing Vin Weasel from the barbers and makes it bite her, then accuses Peanut of the dreadful deed, only to become upset when she learns the diddy dachshund may end up being put down.

Coronation Street - Max Turner (Paddy Beaver)

In white supremacist news, Max's solicitor (whither Posh Paula?) reckons he's got a good chance of getting off due to having been groomed by Griff, but her fees are higher than David's bouffant (I paraphrase). David persuades Audrey to lend him the money (probably because she knows he'd steal it otherwise) and all seems good until Stephen finds out this would lead to equity release on Grasmere Drive and he talks her out of it. David shoves Uncy Stephen against a wall and there's a bit of handbags between them. Don't know who to be more worried about - Stephen has (accidentally) killed two men, but David's been in prison (twice) and once pushed his own mum down the stairs. All of this is moot anyway as Max decides to plead guilty, saying he needs to face up to the consequences of his actions. I presume unless the prison set is going to be remodelled as a young offenders' institute then Paddy Bever is doing his A-levels?

Corrie Damon

Talking of grooming, Nick is angry when he spots Damon showing Sam how the DJ booth works during their all-you-can-vomit cocktail hour (two things: Boozy Bistro on a Monday? Are they insane? I know Manchester is party town, but still. Secondly, Damon DJing? I thought, legally, only Ryan was allowed to spin the wheels of steel in the M10 area). Nick should be less bothered about drugs king pin Damon and more about Sam's friendship with the devil child Hope.

Daniel and Daisy stood next to each other

Daisy and Daniel have remembered that their housemate and sort of sibling Tracy runs a flower shop and they try to tap her for free blooms. This isn't going to work as Tracy doesn't suffer relatives gladly and secondly, influencer promos need to be site specific, surely? No-one's going to drive across the north west to buy a bouquet just because Daisy's promoted Preston's Petals on her socials. Also, double D want a chocolate fountain at their wedding - is it 2009??

Chesney Brown and Gemma Winter at the hospital in Coronation Street

Daisy should be organising the Chemma nuptial as the wedding pot is missing a few quid since Chesney registered his burger joint with Companies House (and presumably also www,chesburgers,biz). In fact, how anyone's managed to get wed since marriage maven Michelle stopped organising them is a mystery. Gemma looks after Bertie as well as Glory and the quads (Joseph has run away to sea to avoid the potato painting and screaming) but I'm wondering which kid is going to be rushed to A&E in an upcoming episode.

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Anonymous said...

Paddy Bever is 20 years old. But I think they are going to write him out!

Sharon boothroyd said...

I don't want to sound mean, but I hope so. He's not the best actor on the street. He'll return after a few years in jail (but I hope) played by another actor.
I agree about the social media promotion and Preston's petals but customers could probably order blooms online from them.
I don't understand why Daniel, Daisy and Bertie won't get their own place!
Why doesn't Sean move out of his Eileen's. He has 2 jobs and his teenage child is sleeping in his bedroom with him- surely he'd want something better for Dylan? I'm sure he could afford it.

Anonymous said...

Jeanie (anon): I'm guessing that Daniel will begin teaching Max at the secure training unit, or whatever the euphemism is for youth prison. That would explain why the writers gave him a job teaching in the prison in the first place. It seemed a strange placement given that they have such a good set for the school where the rest of the kids are. But now it makes sense.

Agree about some of these crammed houses! Especially Daisy and Daniel...they are not broke; why on earth would they be living with their toddler in one room in a house with their grandfather and their sister's family?! Just stretches the bounds of what is credible.

Anonymous said...

Well, Ken has his own room. Steve and Tracy share theirs. Daisy, Daniel and Bertie share a room. 3 rooms.

And I guess the writer wanted to bring back Albert into the number 1. IF you hark back to the 60s, Albert Tatlock lived there.

Sharon boothroyd said...

That's a good point with Daniel's new job, Jeanie.
He lets his flat as well as an owning another property - as you say, they're not broke.
They'd be better of moving into The Rovers - one room could be a bedroom, one a living room. but is Ronnie still staying there? I'm not sure.
I hope Debbie isn't going to fade into the distance, now she's sold the bistro.
I'm also puzzled about the outcome of the classroom sit- in protest at the school, with Michael, Gemma and Bernie.
What was the result of that? It was apparently splashed all over SM and nothing was changed by the school?
So far, Asha hasn't any action for her future career as a paramedic and they have put Alaya into a big coat in order to make her appear vulnerable.

Anonymous said...

Yes but Albert Tatlock lived in number 1 alone and then with his niece (Ken's first wife). In the 80s he had the downstairs front room when Ken married Deidre and she moved in with Tracy. But now there are 5 adults and Bertie cramped in there. It just isn't realistic when none of them are skint.


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