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Tuesday 17 January 2023

Charlotte Jordan interview - Daisy's mum causes chaos on Corrie

What’s Daisy’s and Daniel’s relationship like at the start of 2023? How is the planning going for the wedding?

Daisy and Daniel are in a really good place, they are very excited to plan their wedding… Well, Daisy is very excited to plan the wedding! It has turned out that Daisy is super into wedding planning and has become a bit of bridezilla! Daniel is dealing with this because Daniel would be happy to get married in a street, in a tracksuit, he wouldn’t care, whereas Daisy wants to plan a very aesthetically pleasing day. But they are in a good space; they are excited, they are in love and they are ready to take on the year.

How is Daisy taking to her new influencer lifestyle?

Daisy has been plugging away at this for a while, at least a year, and now it seems like it is starting to pay off. She is trying to better her life and I don’t think anyone can blame her for that because she is trying to make the best of her situation and she doesn’t want to be working in a pub forever. She has committed herself to social media to see how far she can get with it and at the moment she is managing to get a lot of freebies for the wedding so thank goodness for that because I don’t think she would be able to afford any of the stuff that she likes otherwise!

Does Daisy remember Justin from the hospital? Who is he to her?

Daisy doesn’t specifically remember him because they met at the hospital when she had her breast cancer scare and that was all consuming. At the time she was very scared, very worried and she wasn’t sure if her cancer was going to be life-threatening. When she met Justin, he was talking about how unfortunately his mum was on her deathbed and how it didn't make sense to him because his mum was healthy and she was doing all these things right and she still ends up in this position. So for Daisy, Justin represented all her fears but after she got the all clear, she hasn’t thought twice about the hospital and she has wanted to put that all behind her. It is a total shock to her when Justin pops up again. 

What’s her impression of Justin?

When Justin pops up in the Rovers and makes himself known, Daisy is confused as to how he has misconstrued the situation. She is flattered-ish because after all, it is Daisy and she is happy to receive some sort of male attention but at no point did she encourage him so it has come as a shock and a surprise to her. 

What’s Daisy’s first thoughts when she sees her mum?

Daisy’s first thoughts are, “What do you want?” She is not expecting to see her mum at all as they don’t talk on a regular basis so she wants to know what her mum wants from her this time.

How would you describe Daisy and Christina’s relationship?

Their relationship is very fractured. Because Daisy is in her mid-twenties, she is definitely not like “poor me, where is my mum?” She has accepted that the relationship is what it is; her mother has never been particularly present and she has had to deal with that and come to terms with that on her own. When her mum does pop up every few years, she knows that it is not going to be for very long. Daisy just wants to figure out what her mum wants and get her to leave because if she hopes that her mum will stay, she will be disappointed and hurt all over again.

Why doesn’t Daisy want her mother at her wedding?

It’s a bit presumptuous of dear old Christina to think that she is going to be invited to the wedding when she has not been present for any sort of important thing in Daisy’s life! She has literally come up from nowhere and Daisy hasn’t heard from her for a long time so I don't know why she thinks she is going to be the centre of the big day! Daisy doesn’t want her at the wedding because the relationship isn’t a natural mother/daughter relationship and they don’t have that closeness.

How is Christina alike or different from Daisy?

I am sure that when Christina was young… Well, I suppose Christina thinks she is eternally young and she is refusing to grow up and that is part of the problem! But there are similarities; they both like to be a bit glamorous, they both like to be a bit fabulous, they both like a party, they both like men. But I think Daisy does want roots and meaningful relationships and family and Christina seems to have ostracised all of hers. So Daisy is learning from her mum’s mistakes.

How did you feel when you were told that Daisy’s mum was going to come into the show?

I thought it was super fun. Daisy’s backstory is something that I have wanted to dive into since I have joined so I was really pleased. I thought the dynamic between Daisy’s real mum and Jenny as Daisy’s stepmum would be really entertaining to watch so I was excited.

What’s it like working with Amy Robbins?

She is great fun! She is lovely and she comes from this sort of family dynasty so she has so many great stories! She is lovely to have around.

How is Daisy’s mum going to cause chaos for her in the coming weeks?

In many, many ways, it is hard to put into a sentence! She is adding to an already chaotic time in Daisy’s life so it’s going to be drama!

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