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Tuesday 10 January 2023

Peter Ash interview: Paul knocks out Mike to protect Summer

Paul’s been worried about Summer’s surrogacy plans for some time now so when the truth comes out about Mike, and the fact he locked her in the house without her insulin, how does Paul react? 

Initially it's complete shock, he just can't believe exactly what has gone on. Then as usual with Paul he tends to rise with anger pretty quickly.  When Mike comes back into the hospital to try and speak to Summer again, that's the moment where Paul snaps and decides to go after him. He just snaps and lets his anger get the best of him.

Paul never really approved of the surrogacy plan did he but he tried to support Summer…

It’s been a really tricky one, especially because Billy ended up hiding his true feelings, so Paul thought going along with it would be the best thing for Summer. So as much as they’ve disapproved it’s still a huge shock when they discover the extent of what’s happened.

Even though Paul and Billy aren’t together at the moment, Paul still really takes on that paternal role with Summer doesn't he?

He does yeah. Paul hasn’t been around as long as Billy and Todd, yet still in the time that he was with Billy he got really close to Summer and he does feel a responsibility for her. The thing is with Paul, if someone threatens the ones he cares about, he just sees red and there's not much you can do to calm him down when that happens.

Do you enjoy playing the two sides of the character, that fun, caring side, then the side where we can just see him snap and revert back to the Paul of old?

In situations like this it’s unfortunate but the old Paul just comes out, he gets a bit short sighted, a bit hot headed but that's why I love playing Paul. He’s got that temperamental side but then he has got the caring side, he really cares for his little family with Summer and  also with Gemma, Bernie and the quads. I just love playing the character.

When he pushes Mike and he falls and hits his head quite hard are Paul and Todd worried about how far they’ve gone?

Yeah, Paul’s really worried to be honest, he even says I didn't mean to knock him out, it was just a flash of anger. It came at the moment where Mike insinuates that Paul’s feelings for Summer could be almost inappropriate, and obviously because Paul had to deal with the grooming he suffered from when he grew up that really makes him see red. Paul just snaps and that's the moment where where he pushes him. But when he realises he's gone too far it’s terrifying, because that could be him back in prison and his life nearly over.

Does he expect Todd to have his back here or to grass him up? They’ve not always had the easiest of relationships have they?

Things are smoother now than they used to be, Todd was the reason Paul and Billy broke up so things haven’t been easy but the fact that the three of them all still care for Summer and take on the ‘dad role’ I think that’s helped smooth things over and there are maybe less hard feelings. But the last thing I think he’d expect is for Todd to cover for him, a year or so ago Todd would happily have pushed him under the bus. 

How do you enjoy playing the dynamic of the three dads?

I really enjoy it, Dan and Gareth are brilliant, we have great fun working together, I'm really lucky to be working in that kind of group of people. It’s nice because we all bring out a different kind of dimension to fatherhood, which is really interesting. They've all got different parenting techniques but when they come together, despite everything they’ve been through, I love it because they come together for Summer. She becomes the most important thing which I think is really nice.
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