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Monday 14 July 2008

Coronation Street Weekly Update, July 14 2008

Greetings my little cherubs and welcome to another weekly update. It’s been a rather dull week on the cobbles this week but it’s been all go in the Streetcars office where there’s new drivers wanted and it's Eileen - 0, Rubik's Cube - 1.
And so, without any further ado, here we go with this week’s Coronation Street update.

Steve returned from Spain this week and proposed to Michelle Sinead Connor. If this wedding goes ahead it’ll be the fourth for Stevie Mc. His first was for money, the second for a bet, the third could have been for nothing more than fantastic dialogue from a bride wielding stilettos as a weapon. And the fourth, if there is a fourth, will be to cover a guilty secret. It’s no wonder the boy keeps on gurning. In the smokers’ shelter in the yard of the pub, Steve asked Michelle to be his McBride and the lady with the shiny hair, she said yes. But then she changed her mind when she found out from Lloyd that Steve had just proposed because Lloyd had coaxed him into by way of a prank. Michelle doesn’t yet know that Lloyd’s plan was to cover the lies about Steve’s night with Becky but no doubt this will hit the girl soon, these things always do.

Anyway, talking about the smokers’ shelter at the Rovers, it’s become the new Rovers back room. All manner of secrets and lies are now being whispered within its fag-end covered walls. Where the old back room at the pub used to be the sanctuary of choice for a tantrum or tears, now it’s to the smokers' shelter they head. Where once secrets were shared over a cuppa and a damp tablecloth, now they’re being spilled by women of a certain age shivering under the night sky in a too-tight top dragging on a sly Lambert & Butler.

Another proposal might be forthcoming when Jack convinces Tyrone that Molly wants to get wed. She doesn’t, or at least, she hasn’t said as much, but Jack wants these two young ‘uns together just like the rest of us do so it can only be a matter of episodes before they tie the knot and Margi Clarke returns as tacky Jackie Dobbs for the bash and free booze.

In the corner shop, Dev’s got too much time on his hands and draws up plans to rearrange his stock. Molly tells him to let things be but he’s already cleared all the biscuits off the shelves. This leaves Ken and Deirdre more room as they battle out a domestic in front of dried prunes.

Yes, the battling Barlows are at it again. Ken goes to the University of Manchester Alumni reunion where he met up with his old Uni pals. “Clarkie!” he yells at another old geezer. “Marion!” he leers at the female librarian who taught him how to thumb a hardback. Yes, the class of 1961 gathered to reminisce and Ken’s nervous twitch returned when Clarkie told him he had a farmhouse in the Languedoc. Ken’s trump cards couldn’t compete. He’s got a daughter in jail; a mother in law in the spare room and a new beige jumper still in the packet, so he kept very quiet about life back at home. He then told Deirdre he was handing in his notice at Roy’s and it was left to Blanche to voice the real reasons, that Ken was embarrassed about not having reached the same dizzy heights as his old Uni mates. Deirdre was so upset she stuck out her paunch, pouted and then went to her happy place.

Over at Underworld, a cleavage with Rosie Webster behind it bounced and jiggled its way from the factory office to her dad’s garage to steal Kev’s customer list to give to Tony Gordon. I had to look away from the telly, I really did. “Put ‘em away, dear,” I whimpered at the screen. Yours sincerely, offended of Oldham.

Anyway, Tony’s got Rita wrapped around his little finger and it’s wrong - surely Rita would see past someone as scheming as Tony Gordon? He shows her the show flat up in the sky. It’s closer to heaven than Rita might like, especially at her age. Kev’s in uproar as Tony brings in a henchman to put the frighteners on him and he starts a campaign to get Kevin really peeved. Peeved; it’s my word of the week. Try it, it’s nice.

Kevin might have more problems too as his missus isn’t happy living in their new house. There she was – picture it if you will. Sally, feet up in the conservatory, cuppa in one hand, biscuit in t’other, Sugar Plum Fairy on the CD and a mountain of cigarette ends on the conservatory roof. They’re all from Theresa next door who’s been flinging her fag-ends onto Sally’s roof. Sally’s not happy and storms round there to give her new neighbours what for. She had a good mentor, did Sally.

And in the salon this week, Duffy’s CD was on rotation again. Yes, again. Come on, Corrie, give it a rest. I mean it’s a decent CD, it’s good, but not that good. Do what Sean and Marcus planned to do and listen to the real deal, Dusty in Memphis. Now that’s worth a spin.

Tune in next week to find out how Eileen’s getting on with the Rubik’s cube.

And that’s just about that for this week.

Coronation Street writers this week were Peter Whalley, Chris Fewtrell, Mark Burt and Carmel Morgan.

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MYM said...

I think we're in different places on the show ... Sarah's having quite the adventure planning her wedding right now where I am.

Anonymous said...

I would really like to thank you for your weekly updates. As we have no possible way to watch Corrie here in the States, it is only through your updates and a friend in London who records it for me every few months that I can keep up with things.
Keep up the good work!

Glenda Young said...

I'm really happy to hear you enjoy the updates. We're about 9 months ahead of the screenings in Canada.

John in Oakland - I also write a monthly update for the Union Jack British ex-pat newspaper which you can pick up in any Brit food shop or read online of course :-)

Anonymous said...

Is it just me or does that picture of Dusty look remarkably like Liz McDonald-Tomlin?

Glenda Young said...

Yes Sunny Jim, (don't come the cowboy with me, by the way) I noticed a bit of a look-a-like there too.


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