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Saturday 9 September 2023

Coronation Street Episode Review Thursday 7 September 2023

As they say ... if you have it flaunt it - so Courtney does - and is annoyed when Aadi won't sack off work.  To show what he is missing inside the hot tub she sends him a picture of herself in a bikini (not suitable for family websites).  Now I do not know much about this interwebby thingy - but I do know (thank you Asha and Kelly) that once a picture is somewhere out there it can reach places you might not want.  Business between Lee Darren and Dev appears to be going well and Courtney is under-appreciated - except by Aadi who reckons she is the real brains of the business and should be running it with Darren as arm-candy rather than vice versa.  Amy spots Courtney and Aadi flirting and gives him a right telling off as anyone can see what is going on in their "secret" affair!

As remarked elsewhere a revolving door on the front door of number 9 would be a good idea.  Abi has managed a night Cassie-sitting - but  the never seen Alfie needs his mummy and so she cannot continue.  Cassie is back to appearing to try and agrees to go with Abi to a "support group" but only if Tyrone comes.  She uses it as an opportunity to trot out her version of reality in that her mother threw her out of the house and she had to fend for herself.  As Her Majesty (and Evelyn) might remark at this point "recollections may vary".  Tyrone however swallows, the story, hook, line, sinker and entire fishing rod and fisherman as Cassie expected.  Oh for a Blanche at this moment!  For some reason Cassie is insistent that whatever Ty thinks of Evelyn she must not be told the story.  Abi begs for fairness on both sides but at the moment Ty is Team Cassie.

Max is directed by David to get to the salon (not Trim Up North) and start learning how to sweep up as part of his new career as a hairdresser.  On arrival he is deposited into a scene from "Grim Up North" as after the throwing fit it is clear that Lauren has smeared the walls with some hair dye (well it might be excrement but I will give her the benefit of the doubt).  As David and Maria are not in today they set about sorting it out and trying to clean up.  Luckily Maria when she arrives pulls out the smartest observation of the day - why is everything in the wrong place?  And how did that mirror (7 years bad luck Lauren) get broken?  Max attempts a cover up - but before long a policewoman is at Roy's Rolls seeking Lauren's assistance down at the station.  David only wanted a crime number for the insurance.  Roy gets Dee Dee and toddles off to the Plod Place (which from Imran/Toyah we know is miles away and a dangerous drive) to find that Lauren has been allocated a duty solicitor - "some old duffer" observes Dee Dee.  However the smart solicitor escorting Lauren has managed to secure a caution for Lauren and on return to Roy's Rolls dear avuncular Roy arranges for Lauren to spend some nights, at his expense, in a local B&B until she can find something more permanent.  Later Max tells Sabrina the entire story and she is relatively relaxed - Max will do until she finds someone better.

Ronnie has sold the shares, they have the cash and whilst some will be held for the "Bankford development" they will share the rest with it going into Ed's personal account - it cannot be into an account which Aggie can see.  Just a little later Michael is also in the money as the Nippersnapper cash has arrived!  And he simply does not know what to do with it as he tells Uncle Ronnie who suggests it be used to "build" something for Michael and the never seen Glory.  Unlike Maria it is clear that Michael will never become "Brain of Weatherfield" as he decides that the best home for his new found wealth is not bricks and mortar of his own, or indeed his own business - but to hand it over to "EdRon dodgy geezers I happened to meet in the pub Limited" for their new business.  Ed urges caution but the other two over-rule him.  What could possibly go wrong if everyone's eggs are in the same basket?

Eliza is planning watching 32 Marvel movies with her father Dom - one on each visit.  However after school she decides she is not going as her period started during PE.  She feels ashamed.  Stu does his best.  Later Alya re-assures Eliza and the visit to her father is back on - he might be a little late but she is sure he is coming.  Much later as they finish watching a Marvel film together she gets a message that his car broke down and she cannot visit.  Stu feels it proves that Dom is flaky but Alya suggests the benefit of the doubt.  Anyway Dom is going to take Eliza out for breakfast.  

Of all the gin joints in all the world an "old duffer" better known as Joel and Diana meet again.  Dee Dee offers him a drink to apologise for earlier and even Glenda behind the bar senses the electricity in the air as the two look at each other.

Ty lays down the law.  Cassie is staying and he refuses to tell Evelyn Cassie's stories.  Evelyn storms around and tells Ty he has a week to come to his senses.  She packs to move back to the flat and Cassie says she will get herself sorted and Evelyn observes that will happen when Nelson gets his eye back.  Meanwhile two young girls are at risk because Ty wants to save his mother.

I think I will observe that what Cassie needed 40 years ago was a "Roy", regrettably about then he was catching the dodgers and divers and skivers in "Boys from the Blackstuff".  We could all do with a "Roy" in our lives.

I suspect my record of events hardly does justice to them and I have already been a little harsh in recent weeks.  So a few personal cards.  I have a family member who can deliver the "Cassie style" story - but who knows the real truth?  Given personal experience I do not believe them.  Addiction is bad - we know - but do we need both Cassie and Edison at the same time - so I will place bets on him not relapsing because we cannot have two cast members fall off the wagon together.  Courtney feels like a cartoon character (and sadly Dev now feels that he has moved into cartoon land as well).  All credit to those on screen - they are working wonders with the material and I also believe the writers are writing some excellent material (a great line from David to Maria about wearing marigolds) - but some of those storylines need to be removed and use the power of the writers and actors with some real character pieces and activities on the Street.

Written by Emily Gascoyne and Steven Fay.  Directed by Lee Trevor.


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Anonymous said...

I'm disappointed that again the word of a newcomer is taken over the word of a long time resident as Tyrone is quick to believe Cassie's lies despite the fact she spent money meant for Ruby's birthday presents on drugs and won't even let Evelyn who supported him through various crises tell her side of the story.
I do hope that there romance in the future for Joel and Dee Dee and that Sarah doesn't get her claws in him !


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