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Friday 15 September 2023

Coronation Street Episode Review, Wednesday 13th September, 8 pm

Welcome to another Wednesday Weatherfield round-up and to catch up on the latest Coronation Street drama. 

Following Monday night's escape, Stu realises that Eliza has done a runner, and panics, using Alya as a conduit while Yasmeen is away. When he gets a call from the school, he realises his grandaughter is at her Dad's flat. Suspecting that Dom has arranged all this, Stu calls out a social worker (and the police) who decide the youngster is best off with her Dad for another night. Stu overreacts, telling Dom he won't be giving him a penny, before getting arrested for assaulting the policeman. 

Later, he meets Dee-dee at the cop shop and tells her what has happened. Watching the drama progress, I wondered if this could be the start of a custody battle. Surely not, because we have already had Stu go through a lengthy court battle over his wrongful jailing, a case which Dee-dee and Alya won for him! Out of the cop shop, Stu drowns his sorrows in the pub and sings songs before being taken away by Alya and Dee-dee. He wakes up from a booze-fuelled nap and tells Alyla his plan to fight for Eliza with a (drumroll) custody battle! Great stuff - I can hardly wait. 

Meanwhile, Aadi Alahan is also in the thick of it tonight as his affair with Courtney becomes exposed at the business dinner celebration. Before the dinner date, Dev’s been probing Aadi about his love life, thinking he's dating Amy Barlow. Aadi lies and tells his Dad that he does have a new girlfriend, but is too embarrassed to introduce her to the family. As the dinner progresses (it's great to see this storyline cast ensemble together) Amy makes light of Aadi’s new girlfriend (knowing his secret) whilst doing her best Tracy Barlow impression. As the young lad gets embarrassed and Courtney plays along, he decides to get some air. Courtney follows him and embraces Aadi in the doorway, just in time for Dev to catch them in the clinch! Dev is understandably furious but promises to keep quiet to save the deal. Back at the table, the atmosphere shifts as Darren and Courtney argue. Darren loudly accuses Courtney of cheating, and Dev struggles to hide his dismay. Courtney admits to an affair and tells her husband that her beau is ‘'hiding in plain sight’' As drinks flow, Darren gets ever more drunk, and what with Bernie’s jealousy of him greasing up his business partner's wife, it isn't long before Dev gets accused of cheating! Darren throws a punch but stops as Aadi admits the truth. I think we can assume the shop deal is off!

Elsewhere - Roy and Evelyn’s septuagenarian living arrangements offer light comedic relief to tonight's proceedings. The cafe boss is known for his eccentricities, and what with Evelyn’s trademark caustic humour, these two are an absolute delight! 

Also tonight, Dee-dee rebuffs advances from Joel and dithers about her love life, consulting Alya, Adam, and Michael. Paul seeks health advice from Shelly, but her condition is rapidly declining. Cassie helps Tyrone with the girls, but Hope takes advantage. 

What did you think of Wednesday nights Corrie? 

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Anonymous said...

Jeanie (anon): Please don't have Roy and Evelyn embark on a romantic relationship...they are just fantastic as devoted, caring, yet sparring friends. But that dynamic--Evelyn's acerbic nature and caustic wit constantly clashing with Roy's fussy precision and kind-heartedness--wouldn't work in a romantic relationship. It would either have to change or lead to a lot of conflict. Romantically, they both work better with someone who is softer and more flexible, like Arthur (Evelyn) and Hayley. But the friction that makes Roy and Evelyn such a good double act wouldn't lead to a rewarding romance.

Anonymous said...

quite right.


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