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Wednesday, 6 September 2023

Preview of tonight's Coronation Street - Wednesday 6 September 2023

TYRONE’S FAITH IS MISPLACED With Tyrone struggling to get Ruby’s new boots in time for her party, Cassie offers to pop into town and pick them up. Tyrone reluctantly hands her £80, while Evelyn’s incredulous. After meeting Dean on a street corner, Cassie pops several of the pills he’s just sold her. Jack and Ruby’s party starts, Tyrone glances at the door, desperate for Cassie to show up and prove Evelyn wrong. But when Michael lets slip how he saw a bloke roughing up Cassie last week, Abi’s forced to confirm that Dean’s a drug dealer that Cassie owed money to and she caught her trying to steal the petty cash. Tyrone’s horrified as they scour the streets in search of Cassie. When Hope yells that she’s found her, slumped on the pavement, clearly having overdosed, they call an ambulance. Will Cassie pull through?

LAUREN GETS BETWEEN MAX AND SABRINA Max lies to Lauren, making out he’s in college all day before heading to the precinct with Sabrina. A deflated Lauren watches from a distance. As Sabrina heads off, Gav urges Max to stop messing about and ask Sabrina out as it’s obvious he fancies her. Back at the caf√© Lauren attempts to wind Sabrina up by making out that she and Max are an item. Max assures Sabrina that’s not the case but will she believe him? Alone in the salon, Lauren in a fit of rage, trashes the place.

RONNIE GIVES ED FULL ACCESS TO THEIR FINANCES Ronnie presents Ed with his own bank card for the business account. As Ed takes the card, he masks his unease. 

ELSEWHERE Bernie offers to make a contribution to the bills, but Gemma won’t hear of it, pointing out that she got them into this mess. Chesney’s concerned that the stress could make her ill again. 

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Fluttershy said...

I did like the way they reflected Cassie's addiction with Ed's gambling addiction. Corrie is at it's best when it has 2 storylines mirroring each other like this.

Humpty Dumpty said...

The problem with Cassie's story is that her character has, as yet, no redeeming qualities. We see her as authentically manipulative but her personality is very one-sided. I feel viewers ought to have some sympathy for her - there for the Grace of ... For example, Max was able to explain how he was drawn to a racist group because he felt like an outsider. No doubt, Evelyn did have a spiteful streak to her - washing her daughter's mouth with soap and water for lying! Guess if Cassie stays on Corrie, she will become a more rounded personality. Claire Sweeney has a terrific gift for comedy.

Sharon boothroyd said...

I agree Humpty Dumpty.
We can't root for Cassie at the moment.
I feel she only has 3 options She'll either nick some dosh and do a runner,never to be seen again.
Or she'll die of an overdose.
The last option is to 'do an abbey', get clean and turn her life around. Or I suppose she could be accidentally killed,possibly by this Dean.


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