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Friday 1 September 2023

Coronation Street Episode Review, Wednesday 30th August, 8 pm

Welcome to another Wednesday Weatherfield round-up and to catch up on the latest goings on, on Coronation Street. 

Last night, I booted up my premium ITVX (it’s advert-free, kids) and whizzed through Monday night's 44-minute offering with a somewhat lacklustre attitude. Work is hectic and I was rather tired so maybe it was that. I tuned in, and other than the Stephen Reid shenanigans and Rita namedropping the Winkleman, I was surprisingly non-plussed - although the writing was top-drawer, as always. We do have a few story strands going at the minute, so maybe it was me? Anyway, tonight pretty much picked up where Mondays left off. Billy and Paul seem much happier after Monday's ‘dirty dancing’ lake swim, and having dried off, they remembered Summer’s birthday (I’d forgotten to be honest). They both apologise for not getting the student a new laptop. Paul tells Bernie all about it and she decides to join him on a visit to see his MND pal Shelly. With money on his mind, Paul is surprised to learn how Shelly pays for her care package - with credit card fraud and selling (drumroll) laptops! Paul takes one home for Summer and doesn't tell the truth. Billy and Summer’s wedding vlog will look a lot better now! Later, Bernie visits Shelly and offers to help her shift the dodgy goods. 

Meanwhile, having cottoned on to Uncle Stephen’s nefarious dealings, Sarah’s eyes are now widening to his behaviour in the Underworld factory. What with the nipper snapper’s buy-out progressing, the middle manager/niece is somewhat blindsided and wonders what to do about her Uncle. Stephen heads off to a meeting at the hotel and Sarah follows him. She collars him thinking he's up to something but then realises he’s meeting Jenny who’s about to sign off on the Rovers deal. I'm guessing Ronnie’s secret share deal may have something to do with this in future. With Ed also trying to sign off his latest project and needing the cash, Ronnie blindsides his brother with talk of a surveyor to bide some time. However, Ed has already hired someone. Debbie Webster is a delight as always, and I would love to see her behind the bar of the Rovers… just me? With the sale (of the pub) complete, Ed has less luck and the land deal is delayed, but it looks like Ronnie may be cutting in fine if he wants to turn those shares into cash. Meanwhile, Jenny is down at having sold the Rovers, and Stephen is there to pick her up with a classic soap snog.  

Back at Underworld, Carla hands over some cash to Lou Donahue, who tells her all about police activity with her husband's suspicious death. Lou tells Carla about LSD microdosing and her own experiences, which pricks Carla’s conscience. Confiding in Roy (who's busy selling his new coffee range) Carla tells him that she may have been drugged and not had a breakdown. Sharing some doctor Google research with Roy, he’s apprehensive about her suspicions, and she’s adamant about what she’s discovered. Roy calls Peter and tells him he’s worried about Carla’s mental state. Peter tells Dr Gaddas who then visits their flat. Carla chastises Roy for interfering, but he gives her a tip about finding out whether she has LSD still in her system. Carla vengefully promises to follow it up. 

Elsewhere, Stu and Eliza’s Dad come to a truce with Yasmeen offering her usual dash of wise words, yet Yasmeen and Roy aren't a couple! Deciding to return to Pakistan, Yasmeen shares a lovely scene with Eliza, a monologue of memories tinged with sadness - my favourite scene tonight. For tonight’s comedy, Mary being bemused by Cassie flirting with Dev was very funny! At least Tyrone seems to be bonding with his new Mum. It wasn't long before Cassie was drunk and it seems she is using alcohol instead of abusing drugs. I'm not sure we haven't seen this before with Abi, but hearing ‘Gin Rummy’ reminded me of playing the game with my Nannan in the late 90’s! It’s a random memory to conclude this review, and I'm immediately entrenched in nostalgia, forgetting my Monday night miserabledom. That's Corrie for you - isn't it? 

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Anonymous said...

Getting really fed up of sanctimonious Roy. . Always interfering in other people’s business and thinking he knows what’s best.
As if a doctor would sit around in someone’s flat waiting for them to come back, even if it was on their way home.

Anonymous said...

Along with Roy,I'm getting tired of holier than thou Sarah and I don't understadn why she doesn't tell Audrey the truth about Stephen stealing her life savings instead of keeping quiet.


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