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Tuesday 19 September 2023

Coronation Street Episode Review Monday 18th September

Paul looking upset on Coronation Street 

Paul's becoming accustomed to the wheelchair as he is pushed about in it by Billy or Summer. I was temporarily in a wheelchair this time last year and I have to say it is enjoyable - people certainly move out of the way. I imagine it'll be a bit hard over the cobbles though. Anyway, it's the day of the joint stag do, which is happening on a Monday afternoon. I'm glad there's finally going to be a gay wedding on the Street (especially given that same sex couples have been able to get married in the UK for almost 10 years and civilly partnered for almost 20), but I'd hoped for a bit more of a raucous stag than what is essentially a kid's party (the set designer certainly had a lot of fun with rainbow stuff and glitter). This whole day's gonna be perfect! says Paul. Paul! Don't be a fool! It quickly goes downhill as Bernie is visited by Jess and not-Craig who question her about the laptops. Bernie is released but is told that Shelley has died. She has to break the news to Paul who is understandably devastated and it leads again to him talking about assisted dying.

Talking of funerals, Todd, who wanted his job to be less about empathy and more about sales, is discovering at Rest Easy that's not what he wanted after all. Warring funeral parlours is quite funny, but we all know Todd and George will be back to black sometime soon, so this Troy is mean (and rings Todd out of hours and doesn't give the clients what they've asked for) storyline is just treading water. Anyway, Troy has annoyed Todd so much that he tells Paul that Shuttleworth's and not Rest Easy should arrange Shelley's funeral.

Another person who moaned about something (having a business brain but being treated as a trophy wife) finds out that when she gets what she wants, she don't want it any more. She finds all kindsa reasons not to get a job or contribute to the Alahan household budget. She could stop wearing make-up, that'd save about £50 a week. Also, is matcha iced coffee a thing? One or the other, surely.

ronnie, ed bailey , coronation street

EdRon Inc. has started work on the new housing development but the digger (just one?) hasn't turned up. The Yorkshire site manager places a bet on when it will arrive and he loses so has to take the Bailey bros to the pub. Jenny has finally got some business nous and got in a "big" screen for "the lads" to watch the County game - although it doesn't work and they end up watching it on Tim's tablet. Given their recent history of insider trading, you'd think Ed wouldn't give the site manager some inside info on the match from James, but he does and the fella makes money from it at the bookies on Curzon St, trying to persuade Ed to have a flutter too, but Ed chews him out. Like Todd going back to Shuttleworth's, we know it's only a matter of time before Ed returns to the demon dice. In the meantime, we see him move a bit of dirt around on the site - is one of Stephen's hole-punch victims hidden under the there?

And finally, Carla offers Ryan a job in the factory. Modelling the new range of tighty whiteys?

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Bobby Dazzler said...

George said it best...An English pub. Now with the large screen tvs, it sounds like it's going to become a sports bar..Americano..Boooo

Sharon boothroyd said...

If it became a gastro pub, and had a proper food menu, with mains and desserts, they'd make a profit. I know they'd be competing with The Bistro but I'm sure both places would do ok.
I don't understand why this hasn't occurred to Jenny or Newton & Ridley (or whoever owns it now). I agree that it's in desperate need of a makeover and update.
Roy's rolls needs one, too.


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