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Sunday 17 September 2023

Coronation Street Episode Review Friday 15 September 2023

Welcome.  Looks like Courtney has spent the night at number 7 - and Dev tells Aadi that such women will be his downfall which leads Asha to point out that his romantic history has not been perfect (eg Kim Tate  Erica Holroyd, Geena, Deirdre, Tracy, Nina, Patricia Farnham, Debs Brownlow [(who looked very much like Fern and Bernie) plus others].  Dev keeps trying to warn Aadi off his folly but the hormones are raging.  Courtney gets up in time for lunch in the Bistro.  Luckily Aadi can afford that because Darren has taken advantage of his controlling ability and cut off the cards, access to the joint account and has got his solicitor working on the divorce, reminding Courtney that she signed a pre-nup and they each leave the marriage as they entered it.  Courtney is starting to think she has made an almighty mistake.

Paul is refusing to use the wheelchair, but after a plethora of identical brand new laptops appear, he talks to Bernie and undercovers the fencing deal she has going with Big Garth and Shelly and the money.  He decides that he needs to buy Shelly a rather special piece of vinyl and to pop along to see her and say that there should be no more dodgy business - although along the way he admits to Billy what is happening and the vicar delivers no moral view - but is grateful for Paul's honesty.  Paul however finds the stroll too much and takes a tumble on a curiously empty (and much graffitied) quayside.  Eventually (well after the ad break) he composes himself and summons assistance - Todd - who both takes him home and gives him the bad news - "time for the wheelchair old chap".  Summer-salt powers the wheelchair into the Rovers where Daniel assesses the situation rapidly and tells Paul that being in a wheelchair does not mean he gets out of going to the bar for his round!  Ice broken and smiles all round.  Later Paul tells Bernie he will not be reporting her activities, telling her to be very careful, and tries to phone Shelly but simply gets her answering machine message again.

Edron Erections have signed the Bankford development land deal and celebrate with dinner in Speed Dahl.  Ed is mysteriously late and denies that Kirk can have seen him in Three Bookmakers (Curzon) Street.  Ron is not so sure and we saw Ed making notes of racing tips earlier in the day in Roy's on a newspaper.  Ron asks Ed if he is struggling but Ed assures him he has no problem and is in control; he is definitely not struggling, just missing Aggie.  Kirk spends the day buying dolphin-friendly food.  

Stu and Alya start collecting video clips to send to Yasmeen for her impending birthday - but as Eliza is ignoring Stu's communications she is not invited to participate.  The  social worker, Felicity Hassall, tells Stu that Eliza may actually be better to stay with Dom for now - although Stu tells her about Dom's request for money it does not seem to hold much weight.  Roy has been asked to join Yasmeen's birthday  video where the Ruby / Sam / Eliza triad find out about the project and help him do a "Love Actually" card style presentation.  Ruby then tells Eliza some home truths about her behaviour which leads Eliza to sing "Happy Birthday" (no royalties payable any longer) backed on mouth harmonies by Ruby and Sam and once it is sent to Stu it cheers him that Eliza says "Love You" on the text message.  Is Hope going to be the new Ena Sharples?

Adam takes pity on Dee Dee's inability to organise her social life and gets Joel seated in the Bistro and welcomes a dolled up Dee Dee - who is not there for a post-work drink with the boss but instead an evening of chat with Joel.  They talk about brothers and Joel seems impressed that she is James' sister as he is a Wethy County supporter and remembers the coming-out storyline.  Later he walks her home and she kisses him - but is he that bothered?  And then they both kiss each other.

Darren has come to the conclusion that Dev is not responsible for Aadi's activities and comes to the shop to admit that  - but tells Dev the shop deal is off - he accepts that Dev is innocent - but being in business with the father of the 18 year old who has stolen his wife away is a step too far for his business connections and his personal feelings.  Darren departs telling Dev just how stubborn Courtney can be.

Paul tries again to phone Shelly - but still that wretched answering machine.  We see the phone ringing and then a carer (Jim) admitting to ambulance staff that there is no pulse and that he thinks she went in her sleep - which may be true although the look on his face might tell another story.  It looks like she will never get to listen to that Edwin Hawkins gospel vinyl.

Tonight amongst all the high drama and low cunning there was a short scene with Debs and Ron ordering at the Bistro.  In itself nothing - but a delightful exchange between the ever excellent Sue Devaney and Vinta Morgan, over who eats what and how they do it.  This is why we watch Corrie - the small domestic touches and please can we have more of them?  About 20 minutes in on ITV X - go find it.

Written by Sam Holdsworth.  Directed by Miguel Guerreiro.


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Anonymous said...

I hope that for Dee-Dee's sake that Joel has no secrets in his life that could result in heartbreak.
It would be nice to see a happy,romatic storyline for a change but I don't trust the writers and I fear with Sarah now single that maybe she will cause trouble for Joel and Dee-Dee out of jealousy as she did with Jason and Violet years ago.

Sue said...

I totally agree. Every time a new character appears I automatically think they are bound not to be what they seem. Which is a great shame.

Anonymous said...

Jeanie: Ditto for me! And yet at the beginning they always seem like the most wonderful, perfect, normal person. Then a massive secret, and they're totally changed as a character.


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