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Tuesday 30 May 2023

Tina O'Brien interview: Can Sarah resist Damon?

Since her initial fling with Damon, Sarah’s been trying to do the right thing and cut him out of her life, but how hard is she finding it to resist Damon, especially when he comes to the flat this week?

She's definitely really struggling. I think she thought that she'd got him out of a system but when she’s put in a situation where he’s telling her how much he likes and laying it all on the line, then she’s definitely very much still tempted.

What is it about Damon that Sarah just can’t resist?

It’s really difficult because on paper she's happily married, she’s kind of got it all. But I think what he gives her is this escape from reality, this escape from the dishes, the mundane of life. Damon suddenly appeared and made her feel excited, and wanted and desired. The fact that he’s chased her so hard has made her feel attractive again. She knows she shouldn't be doing this but it's really exciting.

Gail nearly catches them in the flat, then she gets into a clinch with Damon in the corridor, where there’s a chance anyone could spot them. Does that put Sarah on her guard or just add to the excitement of it all?

I think there is an element of that, ‘oh my God, I shouldn't be doing this, oh my god, what if I get caught’ and it's giving her that frisson, that excitement. Earlier on she tried to tell him what they were doing was awful, she wasn’t enjoying it at all and didn't want to do it anymore but actually I think she is secretly kind of enjoying the danger.

Is it fun playing this different side to Sarah, seeing her being a bit of a minx?

Yeah I’ve loved it, it’s been great fun, we’ve seen her in a different light. Some of the comments I’ve been getting about her behaviour are awful, they think her behaviour is disgraceful but then there are others saying that this is real life, affairs/flings they happen. It’s important to show that yes Sarah is usually very well behaved, yes she is happy but this man has just got under her skin. We’re seeing her make bad decisions that aren't necessarily the best for her but she's still making them so yeah it’s really interesting to play. There’s not much of a moral reason for her behaviour, she claims Adam’s been a bit missing in action at one point and been too busy with work but it’s more of an excuse for the way she’s acted so I can't imagine it's going to go down very well.

Harry sees Sarah and Damon kissing and starts making remarks in front of Adam about how he still wants him to be his dad, how worried is Sarah that he’s going to blow her secret? And how does she go about trying to stop him?

Sarah’s not going to be very popular! She compounds the problem and basically tries to  convince Harry that it didn't happen or maybe he's imagined it. She pretty much tries to gaslight him which is followed by major, major guilt and I think that a realization that she can't she can't do this anymore, this isn't right and she can't behave like this. So there's going to have to be a coming clean really.

Had bad does Sarah feel that she’s trying to manipulate her own child? Does that add to the guilt of her feeling she needs to confess?

If Harry hadn’t seen anything, I don't think Sarah would have ever said anything. She thought it was done with and when Damon comes to the flat, although she has a moment of temptation, it’s also that realization of I can't do this anymore. Although she loves the excitement and the idea of a fling, the reality of it is completely different. She knows she’s got so much to lose and she doesn't want to lose what she has. But then when she realizes her son knows, although she's trying to come up with ways to keep him quiet and get rid of the problem, I think that's the point where she knows she’s going to have to come clean. She knows she can’t do this to Harry, it's not fair.

How does she try and explain this to Adam? 

It’s just the worst and the guilt is incredible. When she tries to explain to Adam why, she confesses it was lust basically, it was an escape from just being someone’s mum, someone’s wife, someone at work.

How scared is she that her marriage will be over, does she still want to be with Adam?

She's just basically about to throw grenade into the marriage, so I think 10 out of 10, she's off the scale scared. She knows it's coming, she knows she's got to sit down and she knows she's got to tell him but it’s that anticipation and the fact she knows he hasn't got a clue as well. The guilt, the feeling of disgust at herself and also the realization that she could potentially have ruined everything are just overwhelming because she does still really want to be with Adam.

How have you and Sam found playing this story. Has it been tough playing the big emotional scenes?

We've worked really really well together and it’s been great. We’ve both worked really hard and we’ve found a really cool shorthand as well now. There’s been a lot of two handers in the flat that we’ve worked very hard on but being with Sam has made even the tough days easy. The scenes have just been so well written because I could really identify with everything that she was saying, and I could identify with what he was saying too. It just felt very real and we’ve really enjoyed it. 
Glenda Young
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Anonymous said...

Sarah has never 'behaved'She's been causing trouble since she was a teenager and she hasn't grown up!
Cheating on your spouse is certainly not a 'normal'thing everyone does just those who are selfish and self centered and always need to be the center of attention which describes Sarah perfectly!
Poor Harry could lose his home and his new stepfather because his mother is slut and Sarah couldn't care less.

Anonymous said...

Jeanie (anon): Silly girl. Even if she doesn't care for herself and has no self-respect, can't she at least think of Harry? Adam has always seemed so nice to him, like a true dad, and the boy seems to adore him. Why would she want to jeopardize that?! And when I think of the hard time she gave Adam over his stalker. Even when she found out that it was all a set up and he had never cheated on her, she still lectured him on his womanizing youth!

Bobby Dazzler said...

I'm not sure why Sarah married Adam, although I do remember he pursued her relentlessly and the pickings were slim on the street. Definitely a step up from Harry's father (Adam is)
Damon on the other had is a baddun and I don't think the leopard changes his spots. He is the master of manipulation and uses that to beguile the silly Sarah lou...It will end with her being pregnant and the baby belonging to Adam. Easy to read the writing on the wall..*sigh*

Sharon boothroyd said...

Wow - that's offensive, deeply shocking and mysoginstic language anon.
I am sure no man would be called that who was having an affair and cheating on his wife.
Was Tyrone called it when he was seeing Alina behind Fizz's back?
Sorry but she's not a girl either, she's a woman.

Anonymous said...

Yet another Who's The Daddy? Yawn.
But I'm not sure Damon is still such a baddie. He was so helpful to Paul and even took a beating to protect him. I think he enjoys pursuing Sarah because she's clearly easily tempted. I doubt he's serious about her.

Anonymous said...

Sharon boothroyd,Tyrone hasn't slept with every single available straight female on the Street whereas Sarah has slept with every available straight male on the Street]Sarah even slept with Adam while still with Gary].
Granted my wording may have been harsh but remembering how she falsely accused Adam of cheating on her with Lydia [his ex from college]Sarah is a hyporcrite for cheating on Adam now.
As for Fiz,she's no innocent either,coming between Tyrone and Maria and cheating on Kirk[whom she was engaged to] with John Stape.

Sharon boothroyd said...

Well, Peter Barlow has slept with lots of women on the street - he was even married to 2 at the same time - and he wasn't called anything negative or nasty, was he?
As for Ken... well, how many women has he had over the years?
He packed his twins off to Scotland when they were children, while he slept his way around Weatherfield, and had nothing to do with his other children, such as Daniel, for decades.
Is that a morally sound way to behave?
Dev too, has lots of kids to different mothers and not bothered about most of them while he enjoyed a string of affairs.
No-one has given nasty names to these male characters or called them anything horrible or disrespectful.
So why pick on Sarah, and call her a horrid name?
Ahh, she's a woman, so that's different... hmm- just have a good think about that.

Anonymous said...

Sharon boothroyd, totally agree!

Anonymous said...

Sharon boothroyd,Sarah isn't exactly 'innocent and pure 'either.
She had three children from three different fathers [and possibly a child from a fourth father]dated criminals[Gary and Callum a drug dealer]and is now cheating on Adam with his client[another drug dealer]a few months after falsely accusing him of cheating on her with his ex Lydia.
Harry already lost one father figure in Gary and now he may lose his stepdad because due to Sarah's fling and she's not even concerned about her son.


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