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Monday 29 May 2023

‘’I'm Old Man Chesney!’’ - Corrie Blog Interviews Sam Aston

Tonight Coronation Street shows their wedding of the year as quad parents Gemma Winter and Chesney Brown finally tie the knot. This year marks Chesney's 20th anniversary on the show, and with that in mind, I was elated when asked to join this latest Corrie press day to talk to actor Sam Aston about his two decades on the street, and of course his characters gloriously orange-themed wedding. 

Hello Sam! How is Chesney feeling in the build-up to the wedding? 

Initially, he was a bit stressed, as they had no money, and all he had was this burger van idea. He's quite a practical and simple guy who was just thinking about money, but once he realised how much this meant to Gemma, wanting to get married, and just be a family, he just wants Gemma to have the best day possible and worry about the money later.

Linda then turns up and offers to pay for everything. Does he feel bad about keeping Gemma in the dark about where the money has come from? 

He does because he also knows that Bernie and Linda don't exactly see eye-to-eye and he is quite a proud man. He thinks that if they have to do it on a budget, that's what they have to do, but I think there is also the element that he can relieve some of the stress here and get the help It's a catch-22!

This year marks your 20th year on the show. Did you ever think you would still be here after all of this time? 

No, not at all it's just a whirlwind. I think anybody who works in the building, not just the cast, knows how time just flies here, it's crazy. I came in on a 6-month contract as Fiz’s brother, and Cilla’s son, just to do a few episodes, and before you know it, I've been here 20 years. When you get a 12-month rolling contract, you wonder if your time on the show is up, but I'm still lucky to have been here. I try not to rest on my laurels, and then when you bring a family in for a visit, you become a fan again and realise how lucky you are! All of the cast call me ‘Chesney’ and now Dolly and Jane call me ‘old man Chesney’. Ben Price (who plays Nick Tilsley) has me as ‘Chesney’ on his mobile phone!

Chesney is that classic Corrie male character that's surrounded by all of these strong women! - Do you enjoy playing that part? 

I can honestly say I have the best time. You know, working with Dolly (Gemma), Jane (Bernie), and Jacque (Linda), we have such a laugh on set. I think Chesney has just accepted the chaos. At first, I thought he was like, When is your Mum going Gemma? She really got on his nerves, but over time he has warmed to Bernie, and they get on nicely. It's a good partnership. Dolly and Jane both call me ‘old man Chesney’ cos I am like Chesney, so that's the name I’ve got for myself now. He is the old man figure in their house who keeps things grounded. He is very beige and very sensible, but it works! 

We have seen pictures of Gemma and that OTT dress. He knows Gemma is generally OTT - did he imagine how the dress would be? 

Yeah, I think Chesney is used to it now; she is bonkers but in a good way. He lives with her and Bernie and must be mad to live in that. When it gets to doing the day, he wants to roll with it and have the best time. I think the dress is pretty epic. When you need a drone (camera) to get it in the shot, that says something, doesn't it?!

Thanks, Sam! Watch the drama-filled wedding tonight on Coronation Street on ITV & ITVX Do keep an eye out for Gemma's epic dress! 

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