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Tuesday 23 May 2023

Coronation Street Episode Review Monday 22nd May


Craig has rained on his own parade. Faye was going to stay with him rather than moving to Slough (I think it was the place that was putting her off) but since he tried to blackmail her, she's seeing him in a different light. It isn't Jackson persuading her to go, it is Craig and what he said to make her stay is going to make her leave. Everyone has an opinion: Gary tells her to leave, Tim tells her to stay, but if I were her I'd run off on my own, unencumbered by boyfriends or daughters or Berkshire and go to live in Cheshire - Sally would visit. She unburdens herself to Gary about the accidental killing of Ted the pensioner - no-one better than Gary to understand keeping a murder quiet - and he has a word with Craig. I wonder if Gary still owes Faye £20 for those headphones that he broke.


Another person acting badly through jealousy is Mephistopheles in a trainer bra - Hope. Jealous of the attention Sam is paying to Eliza, she ruins his Vesuvius by adding too much potassium. I mean, what kind of kid does a science project at a friend's bday? Talk about trying to steal their thunder. She confesses to Sam and he dumps her. Sam is a bad boyfriend, Hope! You are well rid. Additionally, I can't say I'm that interested in Eliza or Stu, although I do think Stu shouldn't have gone around asking teenage boys to get in a limo with him in last week's episode.

Corrie viewers 'work out' Isabella's 'true identity' and intentions for  Brian - Mirror Online

So what's the deal with Isabella? Is she a con-woman? An obstacle in the way of Brian and Mary's lurve? She says she's from Naples: someone tried to sell me a knock-off camcorder when I visited there and got angry when I said no, grazie, so on that basis I think she's probably a crim. Also, she cut off one of Glenda's stories so she's obviously evil. I'm not convinced she is Italian though - having an espresso for breakfast rather than cappuccino, drinking prosecco after red wine rather than as an aperitivo. She smokes like an Italian though and I'm thinking it's a long time since we've seen anyone having a cigarette on the Street, not even Peter or Steve. No even anyone vaping!

I do wonder who's minding the shop whilst Brian takes his cousin around? No-one will know how many goals Tommy Orpington scored since they can't get hold of the Gazette, not to mention Ken's copy of the Guardian. I love Brian though and think Peter Gunn is an underrated comic actor so am enjoying this storyline.

In wedding news, Rita offers to pay for a combined Chesney and Gemma stag and hen (hag) night . I think Rita is angling for an invite to sing a song round the old joannna jukebox.

And finally, one storyline is coming to an end: Ed agrees to fix no.1's roof for free so that Aggie doesn't have to deal with the scaffolding any more.

See you next week for the wedding!

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Fluttershy said...

Renting scaffolding for 10 months, plus the costs of the licence from the council to erect it on the pavement, would be so expensive it would be cheaper to have the roof fixed quickly. Scaffold is expensive, you haemorrhage money every day it's up.

Anonymous said...

I still think with Chesney, Gemma and Bernie working and with the money Gemma makes from unofficial childminding they would be so badly off that they need to have everybody else paying for their wedding.(Despite the fact Gemma keeps saying she ‘don’t want know chari’y.)

Anonymous said...

Jeanie (anon) Isabella is being introduced as a means to bring Brian and Mary closer. In that slinky red dress (sorry, Mary, my heart goes out to you!!) she just screams CON. Sort of like that story line with Fred and his con artist bride. I like the actor who plays Brian too but too often he's given some really bad material. Hopefully this story will be better--more fun and more poignant.

Mary and Brian would make a great pairing--they're both so quirky and intelligent. They'd work great together in Rita's shop. She suits him better than Julie or Cathy, in my opinion. The one was too serious, the other too fussy and dull and worrying. And while Mary may deserve better (LOL), he's still a level up from some of the other men they have saddled her with. At least he's a basically decent person and intelligent too.

Anonymous said...

I thought the same, Fluttershy. But Corrie isn't the real world. Steve paying for the scaffolding wouldn't suit the storyline. Must say I am glad Sam finally sees Hope for what she is. Loved their break-up scene with all the usual clich├ęs. So funny.

Abercrombie said...

I loved the juxtaposition of words 'it's not me, it's you'. ­čśé

Sharon boothroyd said...

I think calling mature women hags is unfair and unnecessary.
I'm a mature woman and I wouldn't take too kindly to the term if I was called it.
We don't see scenes in The Kabin any more, just the outside of it, which is a pity.
I agree that Stu and Eliza are very irritating and that Stu shouldn't have asked Liam and Jake to get into limo, either!
Doesn't Sean's Dylan hang out with Liam and Jake too? Why wasn't he invited?
We have a lot of kids on the street that are about to enter their teens.
In another few years, when they're round 15/ 16, they'll probably be romance with one other.
Sorry but I don't feel that Brian and Mary would make a good couple at all.
I wonder if the middle- aged men group, such as Brian, George, Dev, Kevin, Nicky, Eddie and Stu - are going to increase their presence if Roy is killed off.

Anonymous said...

I liked seeing Gary in the big brother role telling Craig off for his emotional blackmailing of his sister.
Craig has sunk to a new low as copper and a person and Faye should run away from him asa faxt as she can otherwise Craig will be controlling her all their 'married' life with the constant threat of going to the police about the hit and run.

Bobby Dazzler said...

I love the idea of Mary and Brian, they're weird enough to get on well...and would embrace each other's hobbies.
The wedding is shaping up to be quite the shindig on a budget. Why would people be so insistent on a dream wedding when they can barely feed their children. Off to the registry or have the brother in law perform the ceremony in Victoria Gardens.
Loved it when Sam realized what a brat Hope is!! I dread to think what she's going to burn down now! Especially without her mother around to coddle her....the acting out will be spectacular..right around the time Miss. Pop shows up with Tyrone's son!
Still waiting for Tracy to discover that Adam used her flower shop for collateral for the Lawyers office. Poor Deedee...what has she hitched her rope to?
We could use a little more Deedee as well...I am loving any scenes that she's in. I'd like to see her start a relationship (no, not Craig)with Adam when he finds out what a tramp Sarah is. She can console him when he finds out...haha, until he discovers that she knew all along and didn't tell him...

Anonymous said...

No Dylan doesn't hang around with, Jake and Liam. He's a lot older than then, and certainly wouldn't hand around with them

Sharon boothroyd said...

But I've heard Dylan say he was out playing football with Liam and Jake!
How much older is he than those 2?

Anonymous said...

Isabella clearly speaks some Italian, but I doubt someone with fluent English would talk about "Napoli". Why hasn't Brian introduced her to Stephen and Sarah, who both supposedly speak Italian from working in Milan? Maybe that's still to come, then she is unmasked as a conwoman. I am waiting to see what excuse she gives for delaying her return home.

Anonymous said...

Dylan 15. Jake 10 & Liam 12, so severely doubt Dylan would "hang out with the 2 younger boys. Maybe he once played football with them as a kick about, but that's about it


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