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Saturday, 2 January 2021

Ryan Russell interview: Michael's baby bombshell in the New Year

Grace turned Michael’s life upside down, how has he been coping these last few months?

He’s done better than expected really, he decided to focus on himself, try make something of himself and do well in the workplace, especially at Underworld. He’s still really hurt but he’s trying to come to terms with what happened.

So how does he react to find Grace on his doorstep out of prison, insisting the baby she’s carrying is his?

He’s in shock, he’s still confused as to how they even got here and he doesn’t want his family, especially Aggie, to see her. He’s really thrown by her just turning up out of the blue. 

They go for a paternity test, is Michael expecting the outcome he gets?

I don’t think he is, I think he’s still very doubtful, she’s fooled him once and he’s not prepared to accept what she says straight away without a test. He needs the black and white proof for himself.

How does he feel to see his baby for the first time as they go for a scan?
He’s elated, he’s absolutely over the moon to be fair. I think this is what he’s wanted for a long time. Yes it’s a shock but it’s a revelation and he’s super excited to see the baby. 

From this point is Michael determined to be there for Grace and the baby?

He’s determined to be there for the baby especially, not so much Grace in a romantic way but more a co-parenting situation. He definitely wants to protect Grace though because she’s carrying his baby, there’s definitely a protectiveness there. 

How do his family react?

It’s not the best reaction, they’re in shock and they’re still a bit sore after the whole Tianna situation, so it doesn’t go down so well. They're going to take a bit of convincing, especially Aggie, so he’s treading lightly but he’s going to try to convince them of what he thinks is best for him.

How does Michael feel when Aggie suggests he should go for full custody?

He’s really taken aback by it because his natural instinct wouldn’t be to break up the family dynamic. He comes from a tight knit family unit and I think he wants to recreate that. He wants what is best for his child and he thinks that is for the baby to have it’s mum. Whether Aggie can convince him otherwise we’ll have to see.

Can he ever trust Grace again?

It’s going to be hard, I don’t think he can fully trust her. He’ll do everything in his power to make sure the baby and her are ok but the Tianna situation was a massive sting for him so I’m not sure he can go back there just yet, if ever.  

What are his feelings towards her, could they ever become romantically involved or has that ship sailed now?

Personally I think that ship has sailed, there’s been too many lies, it’s very messy and to try and move past that would take a lot for Michael and his family. His family already can’t believe what he’s doing but you never know, he can be quite led by his heart.

It’s not going to be easy for them with Aggie so against Grace, do you think they can win her round?

It’s going to take a lot of talk and a lot of persuasion but Aggie especially is really adamant she doesn’t like Grace. I think Michael is going to have to stand up and say this is what I want and if they love him they’ll take that onboard and compromise for him.

How do you feel about the prospect of working with a baby?

I’m a bit nervous! Tianna was that bit older so this is quite scary but hopefully we can do it. I’ve done a lot of entertaining babies in the past but not holding them so I’m hoping that will come naturally!

Were you excited to realise this story wasn’t over when Grace went to prison?

Yes 100%, there’s still a much bigger journey for Michael and it’s nice to know there’s more to come and more growth for the characters. I think there are more exciting things to come, it’s definitely not the end of that.

How have you enjoyed your first year on the show?

It’s been 10 months now and it’s been incredible. It’s been a strange year but I feel so lucky that I’ve been able to go back to work and I’m still acting. Being around the cast and crew when I go in is a lovely atmosphere despite the distancing measures. It’s been incredible, I’ve thoroughly enjoyed it. I feel like I’m settling in now, slightly getting used to the fact I’m on Coronation Street and hopefully that comes across on screen. It’s been a dream so far.

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