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Friday, 8 January 2021

Coronation Street Episode Review Friday 8 January

Evening Corrie fans, it’s Kelly here with your Friday night review.

It’s the day of Simon and (other) Kelly’s date and Si has bought flowers, got done up in his best shirt and fallen into a vat of aftershave. He’s feeling confident until he meets toddler Shona in the cafĂ© who tells him the shirt is terrible and he stinks. To be fair to her he was slightly giving me overtones of Adrian Mole going on his date with Sharon Bott in his PE kit. He lets himself into the flat to change and scrub off the Lynx Africa but finds the place a tip and Leanne passed out on the sofa with sleeping pills everywhere. Terrified, he calls an ambulance and Leanne is taken to Weathie General. 
It’s also the day of Johnny’s trial. Jenny is horrified to learn that Johnny can barely see and a nurse is called who confirms that he’s showing signs of an MS relapse but that she can’t recommend that his court case be postponed. In court all-purpose solicitor/barrister Imran argues for a non-custodial sentence on account of Johnny having turned his life around and his health issues, but the judge is having none of it and gives him eight months in prison.  

Meanwhile at No. 3, Michael tells his parents he wants to be a co-parent with jailbird (dis)Grace. Ed is supportive but Aggie says Grace is a liar and a manipulator. Determined to win his mum round he brings Grace to see her. Aggie tells her she wouldn’t trust her as far as she could throw her, but Grace swears she’s changed. Reluctantly Aggie gives them her blessing.
Back at the Rovers Jenny is distraught both at Johnny’s sentence and at him telling her that he doesn’t want her to visit him. Carla and Daisy both try to comfort her. Carla by assuring her that Johnny loves her, and Daisy by telling her she’s better off without him and offering to move in. Gotta say I’m with Daisy on this one. Johnny and Jenny’s relationship has always seemed rather one-sided to me with her being loving and him seeming either embarrassed or exasperated by her.

In other news, Asha and Aadi have their mock-exam results. Aadi has got five sevens (or something?), while Asha has got 2’s and 1’s. I have no idea what this means because when I was at school you got marked in letters A-E (and all this was fields as far as the eye could see), but I got the general gist that Aadi did well and Asha didn’t. Aadi, and later Dev, both try to be supportive but Asha shuts them out. Corey the creep on the other hand just makes a crude joke about her learning other skills. Can’t someone just give the hormonal little git a well-thumbed copy of the Anne Summers catalogue and lock him in his bedroom until he’s 30?

Also David’s discovers that the alternative accommodation Rotten Ray is providing for him is on Shona’s old estate. David accuses him of bribing the planning officer but Ray warns him that things will get nasty if he refuses to leave No.8. I feel most sorry for Gail in all this. Just imagine her first telephone call to Sally. 'So how are you settling in Gail?’ ‘Oh fine, we’ve got it down to just one or two drive by shootings per night and the pimps are now using crack cocaine to keep their hoes under control. Anyway, when are you coming for a visit? Sal? Sal….?’

Back at Wethie General, Leanne has come round in the bed just vacated by Adam. She tells Simon she had no intention of suicide and she just wanted to sleep and not be in pain. She confesses she hasn’t been in France and just wanted to hide away as she couldn’t bear seeing Nick and Toyah happy with their respective children. Simon takes her back to the flat and promises to take care of her. When a suspicious Nick call round, she tells him to lie for her, so Simon makes up a story about hanging around at the flat himself. Nick gives him an earful about the state of the place and standing Kelly up and then to make his bad day even worse, Kelly tells him that he’s blown it with her. Kelly's huh! High-maintenance. I'd stay away from them if I were you Si.

And that's it for this week. If you want to debate whether Mary could indeed pass for Kendall Jenner in a mask, let me know in the comments or on twitter @mskelstar.    

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Louby said...

I liked seeing Simon have a proper storyline rather than just having things going on around him.

Corey, if you locked him up till he was 30, I don't think it would be that many years, and certainly not 14! Is he meant to be the same age as Asha? He looks like his 21st is a distant memory!


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