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Tuesday, 5 January 2021

The Week In Classic Corrie

MONDAY - Episodes originally broadcast 13th and 15th June 1997

Rita told Alec about her idea to buy half the Rovers.  He pointed out that if the bank thought the Duckworths were a bad investment that probably meant they were up to their ears in debt and she'd be dragged down with them.  She told Jack she couldn't invest and he realised he'd have to sell up.  Kevin was in a right strop because Sally had the temerity to return from Scarborough and interrupt his affair.  He told her it was his fault he was in a nark because she abandoned him then he cried on Natalie's shoulder, telling her that he loved her and he wanted to continue their dalliances.  Angie overheard Janice boasting about robbing knickers and was forced to act the boss, giving her a warning.  She was also forced to put her foot down with Chris after he wandered into the factory for a chat when she was in the middle of a meeting.  And Steve decided to work with Bill and Jim... mainly so he could stick around and try to win Fiona back.

TUESDAY - Episodes originally broadcast 16th and 18th June 1997

The fertility test results came in for Judy; she would never be able to have kids.  The Mallets were devastated and Judy suggested they should divorce so he could have the chance to have a baby with someone else.  Underworld received its first big order: 35,000 pairs of knickers for the Dutch Army.  Now I'm imagining a load of soldiers in lace panties.  Angie was disappointed because it was so unglamorous.  Liz told Alan about Fiona having a drink at her flat with Steve, which was deeply unpleasant of her.  Fiona however assured Alan that she was the one for her.  Alec showed up at the Rovers and offered to buy the pub off Jack.  He was disgusted that Alec had waited until he was desperate and threw him out.  However, the next day, Alec returned and offered to Jack a partnership, and he was forced to accept.  Rosie told Sally that her daddy had seen a lot of Natalie at the house while she was away.  She asked Kevin about it, and he thought she knew about the affair, but instead she asked if Natalie was after him.  He said she'd tried it on but he'd rebuffed her advances.  

WEDNESDAY - Episodes originally broadcast 20th and 22nd June 1997

Alec began asserting his authority at the Rovers, suggesting that Jack invest in some of those new-fangled alcopops and expand the limited menu.  Who knows what he'd think of Jenny's food offering, when it's hotpot or nowt.  Vera was horrified to discover what Jack had done and locked him out of the pub in a fury.  Angie turned 30 - which is odd, because she was a student when she first appeared in the show - and she held a party at number 6.  Chris hired a DJ and they put up some flashing lights and listened to Rapper's Delight and it was all very hip.  They even had Pringles!  Natalie swung an invite for herself and danced with Kevin, because she's an awful trollop, and there was a great moment where someone smashed a glass just offscreen and nobody said anything.  There was an uninvited guest though: Des Barnes, who was shocked at the devastation the party had visited upon his house (remember when Des was the wild and crazy one in the Street?).  He'd returned for good and, as a joke, posted a sexy book through Derek and Mavis's door.  Angie told him that Derek had died, and he was deeply upset, but he couldn't retrieve the book because Mavis was away on a coach tour holiday.  He went to Emily to ask her to let him in to retrieve it, but she found it funnier to make him panic.  What a minx.

THURSDAY - Episodes originally broadcast 23rd and 25th June 1997

A deeply upset Vera refused to open up the Rovers but Jack and Alec conned their way in pretending to be dreymen.  Jack assured her that the pub was still theirs and she was the licensee and she needed to stand up for herself.  Emily fetched the dirty book from Mavis's but wound Des up by asking him to explain the diagrams to her.  He then went to Laser Quest with the other young people on the Street because the show is determined to mention every 1990s fad possible and got his backside kicked by Chris.  Des tried to be friends with Samantha, but she rejected him; he vented his frustrations by telling Chris to move out.  Steve was threatened by Alan, who told him to stay away from Fiona, but it made him realise their relationship probably wasn't as strong as Alan made out.  Steve nipped round to the hairdressers for a cut (which was needed because he's got big floppy curls dangling all over the place) and Alan caught him getting shampooed.  He talked to Alec and discovered that Steve used to be married to Vicky - and that there was all sorts of dodginess involved.  Judy ran into Zoe the homeless girl on the Street and gave her a tenner.  She then turned up on the Mallett's doorstep, and Judy felt sorry for her and her situation.  Judy offered her a bed for the night, then told Gary her secret plan: they could take Zoe's baby for their own.  

There wasn't an episode on Friday because of the Bank Holiday.  Next week will bring us new arrivals and broken hearts.  Join me on Twitter @merseytart to watch from behind the sofa.

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