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Saturday, 2 January 2021

Corrie Comicals week ending 1 January 2021

I know, I know.  People are allowed to make mistakes at work - but here please enjoy me remarking that you (as Eric Morecambe might have said) can see the join.  Above we see the wall behind Tim who is discussing Geoff with Yasmeen instead of attending the funeral.  Below we see the wall again.  

Is it me or the recently redecorated front room of 6 Coronation Street having a problem keeping the walls in contact?  Frankly I have no idea what the two characters were discussing!  If I were you Yasmeen I would have the builders back!

Apparently Barney has eaten all the best chocolates in the sweet tin, failed to do the washing up and is generally being a naughty bunny.  As he could not appear last week as I was not here I felt he deserved to peek out of his burrow this week.

As we know Sarah has seen the light (and that she no longer has any feelings for Gary and made the phone call about the "body in the woods" and she spends a few minutes winding up Gary Useless about how Adam has changed and is talking about woodland walks, watches and dead loan sharks.  Clearly TPTB like Gary and he has not yet reached the end of his time with the show.  But then killing Callum does not seem to have harmed his killer either.

Evelyn had her usual selection of great lines - earlier Roy had suggested he did not normally interfere in relations - but Evelyn said that was not going to stop him and he told her that Arthur did not deserve the the blanking he was receiving.  Above she thought she had sold Tim's car to Chesney, or perhaps it was Bernie - after all "They all smell of kebab in that family."

In a reminder that sometimes all you need is a good curry with poppadoms and mango chutney (known in this house as mango chupney) Peter, who has been missing sine discharging himself from hospital, has reappeared in Number 1 and on finding that Ken is getting a takeaway curry with those all important trimmings agrees to stay the night - with a warming hint of a smile, so easy to miss.  But just how bad is his liver?

Friday went a bit surreal as I will cover in my episode review.  Debbie seemed to think that the local council planning officer was going to be wearing a white linen suit and singing about fresh fruit in tins and getting your five a day whilst unbashed baddie Ray was sure that nothing could stop his planning application being granted - a process which around here takes three months or longer (I made one once; I was told it was not on and asked for a council official to visit and he said he could not see a problem and it went through at the next meeting - and I did NOT offer to buy his lunch or allow him a free night in a hotel! - still took well over three months) but in Weatherfield the determination had been made by the end of the day!

It is a while since we have had people dressing up so the sight of some dinosaurs on the Street was probably overdue.  And if you want a pair of dinosaurs then obviously Steve and Tim are your men.  I am looking forward to Steve going the same way as Craig, shedding his rotund little tummy, developing a complete six pack and pulling a young cracker to add to his brood, particularly because he and Tracy have been far too gentle recently!  Also touching was their exchange - both have suffered losses, one a parent, the other a child and at such times you need your only friends.  And in an echo of the Aiden story both offered to listen to the other.  

And in a sad note we say farewell this week to Mark Eden; perhaps the first of the real baddies to inhabit the Street and certainly one whose departure had huge impact on many viewers as Rita was finally safe from him!  Our thoughts go out to his family.  

Writers: Julie Jones & Ian Kershaw (Monday); Alasdair Morrison & David Isaac (Wednesday); Ella Greenhill (Thursday); Steven Fay (Friday)
Directors: Peter Rose (Monday & Wednesday); Duncan Foster (Thursday & Friday)


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maggie muggins said...

Kosmo, always love your blogs here! That is so funny about the walls in #6! Thanks for pointing it out.

As for Peter dying, I'm not buying it. He's up to something. When he first told Ken while in hospital, he didn't seem at all sad or upset about it. Just blank. Or it could be from the boredom of yet another scene at the Kate Oates-we-have-to-use-it-cause-it's-here-Hospital. Glad you caught that little smirk he pulled while waiting for his pappadoms.

C in Canada said...

Kylie killed Callum with a wrench to the head, not Sarah...and then Kylie was stabbed to death in the street.

Kosmo said...

Thank you

Anonymous said...

I predict that Ray is going to be found dead and Gary will have been the one who did it. Of course Gary will get away with it too.

- Pod


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