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Thursday, 7 January 2021

Coronation Street Episode Review; Weds 6th Jan 7.30 pm

2021 has not started well for any of us, and Coronation Street residents have fared no different. Despite a strenuous campaign from Roy, the even-numbered side of the street is now facing the real threat of demolition. Assuming then, that the TV studio isn’t being bulldozed, the residents must now rally round to stop this development in its tracks! I’m a big fan of Debbie and Ray, undoubtedly evil they may be, but such a great duo! Anything that rumbles the residents makes good drama for me and repercussions are rippling around the street tonight! Kev and Tyrone are looking for new premises, Alina Pop!, Seb and Emma need to move out and Audrey’s salon seems to have disappeared completely, which all seems very covid-19.

The residents riding the lorry down the street reminded me of classic Corrie of old; comedy, unison, and light-hearted community spirit. We could have done without Another arrest but Sally’s beret stole the scenes anyway. With Hale Barns looking a little distant due to Ray's scheming, maybe Sally will get involved in more protests? Also worth mentioning those great scenes between Abi and Roy. I'd like to see more of those two together. Hopefully, this can all be resolved by Faye coming to the rescue and admitting her attack on Adam? She could kill two birds with one stone, releasing her brother and jail Ray at the same time!

As with any New Year, life and its constant changes are built upon shifting sands. With Arthur sadly losing his wife, Evelyn, faced with an emigration proposal, declines the Canada offer. Rather than losing the cobbles, she loses love, and it is a touching scene. Sad to see Arthur go actually but at least we keep the battleaxe for a bit longer. Emotionally, I think this has given the character some new dimensions too. Could we see her having a future with Roy, perhaps?  That said, I am unsure if Evelyn would like young Alina around the house? Not sure what Tyrone is up to there but hopefully not a repeat of the Jade situation!

The shifting sands of Leanne’s life are causing her trauma and hopefully, Dr Gaddas (good to see her back) can help her heal? The fact she’s been hiding from everyone else, the darkness of the flat, and her sleeplessness all lend themselves to the envelope of depression that is often all-consuming - a believable development. It's a sharp contrast to the episodes earlier humour, and it levels it out well. The other dark strand being Johnny and his MS flare-up. I imagine he is going to get sent down, morally speaking, the writing has made that clear. 

Micheal’s life has also changed as Grace Was telling the truth, it is His baby!! Will they now get back together? With all of the other drama on the cobbles, this story seems like a filler, yet has potential to be a lot greater and maybe this is the start of a new major story for the lesser-seen Bailey gang. I would like to see more of them as I guess the jury is still out on Number 3!

Talking of couples getting together, could Simon and Kelly be the streets new answer to Bonnie and Clyde, or Debbie and Ray, perhaps? 

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Humpty Dumpty said...

I've always thought Johnny & Jenny work because Jenny is a much more rounded character. She has a lot of backstory which the viewers have watched over the decades rather than, in Johnny's case, got told in 'Now the truth comes out' dialogue. I don't wish to see Johnny killed off although I wouldn't miss him. Jenny seems perfectly suited to becoming the young widowed licensee. Sally Ann Matthews has a wonderfully expressive face. Even when she's laughing, you can sense the sadness in her. When Johnny was being cagey about his whereabouts, she told another character that she'd been expecting this day, thinking he was hiding his deteriorating ill health. I wonder if we were being given a hint that Johnny might be written out.

Pat said...

Abi is beginning to really annoy me now. She is just a gob on legs. She was the one who caused Kevin and Tyrone to lose their garage in the first place ( more fool them), she caused a power cut, is slandering Ray in public ( yes he is guilty but I don’t think she can actually prove it) and has assaulted a police officer.
I was so pleased Roy told her she wasn’t listening to how things should be approached and wasn’t helping the cause.

Anonymous said...

Why on earth would Tyrone invite Alina to move into their tiny, overcrowded little house? Completely ridiculous.

Sharon Boothroyd said...

Killing off Johnny is a bad idea as I think the pair run the rovers well. But as you say, humpty Dumpty, it's been hinted at, but this is Corrie- people make miraculous recoveries every day, don't they?
Maybe Richard Hawley is getting fed up.
Well, I wish I had lee-anne's GP. Not only can the surgery offer an appointment straight away, she can speak to her doctor and then the doctor calls round off her own bat - without an official request for a home visit and no hassle whatsoever! There's only 1 GP there too!
Who's the receptionist? It used to a bespectacled Liz or Moria, but we haven't seen either for months now. I know Liz has left though.

Louby said...

I agree. Also wouldn't you ask the people you already live with first?!


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