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Monday, 4 January 2021

Coronation Street Episode Review Monday 4th January

Happy new lockdown year!

At the factory, setting up the live feed of the planning meeting, Sally says she's the Lady MacBeth of the factory, the power behind the throne. Abi confuses this with Hamish MacBeth, the dog-wielding, weed-smoking detective of the mid-90s, but I can't see Sally with a Highland terrier, it would play havoc with the soft furnishings.

Brian pops in with the news that Historic England don't think the brewery is worth saving, not even the copper coils or fermentation tower. I'm not allowed to go into my workplace unless I notify the office manager in advance, and book a specific time, but David and Brian, Abi, Tim and Kev can just wander in willy and also nilly into the factory? As Michael says: home-working isn't considered skiving any more (although that depends on how much time you spend on twitter between 9 and 5 *cough*).

Anyway, David is tempted by Alya's cheesy chili naans (aren't we all) and decamps to Speed Daal where he sees Roy doing a barnstorming speech at the meeting about community and pollution and so forth, but it's all for nowt as the planning committee, who is one woman, finds in favour of Ray and Abi (Roxy seems to have done a runner). David and Emma, Steve and Tim have had letters of eviction, but the rest of the street say it aint over 'til it's over. Nobody puts Sally Metcalfe in the corner over a barrel. Go, Sal, go! Abi visits Tracy who says they all need to be More Deirdre. Well, as long as it doesn't involve having an affair with the local factory owner, I suppose. Meanwhile, Nick tries to get Ray to unrenege on his offer to buy the factory, but Ray says it's too late, mate. Turns out that the reason everyone got their letters straight away was because the chairperson is in league with Rotten Ray.

In the other big storyline, Fay(e) finds out that Gangsta Gazza has been put on remand and tells Maria that she wants to fess up. She visits Gary in the big house and he tells her to carry on as normal and he doesn't want to see her in prison. Well, she is the odd one out on the street having never been to gaol. Kelly turns up out of nowhere (maybe there's a rock on Rosamund street?) to accuse Gary of killing her pops.

My predictions lately have been rubbish: I thought that was the end of Geoff when he was glassed in the neck, I thought it was Simon who bopped Adam on the head, I thought we would never see Grace again. Unfortunately, I was incorrect and she turns up, fresh out of chokey, to persuade Michael that her baby bump was put there by him and suggests that they do a DNA test (for £900!)

Evelyn bumps into Arthur in the cafe and then again outside the florist where she assumes that the flowers Arthur is buying for his dead wife are for her. Kenneth Gorgeous George tells her about the funeral (and also the locum vicar who had an amphetamine addiction in the 90s, but that's by the by) and says that Arthur has no-one to hold his hand at the funeral. No doubt, there's a pandemic on. Later, Evelyn asks Arthur over and he asks her to go to Canada with him. Bit sudden! Evelyn got the tongue in especially, but will she want an unexpected prick in the night?

But we must know, Jonathan Harvey, what was the burnt samosa story?

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dhvinyl said...

The time has come, now the latest lock down starts tomorrow, for the Corrie hierarchy to decide and announce that the Street is a fictional area, bearing no relationship to the real world...well, it is, isn’t? Abandon any nods to the virus and just on with the everlasting wild, largely nonsensical fiction! The way real life is going for the foreseeable, Jonathan and the team are never going to keep up. Anyone agree ?

Jan said...

Yes I do agree. All this wearing a mask outside and then taking it off inside is infuriating.

maggie muggins said...

There was more than the usual amount of clever innuendo in the scripts last night, the most flagrant & long-winded one being Dev's going on about his drooping cacti! And Cathy joining in when he said they were in his bedroom. There was more but I can't remember them.

Enjoyed these episodes, except for Fay(e)'s distress. This is going to drag on, isn't it?

Tilly Flop said...

But then they'll get people complaining that they're not adhering to Covid-19 restrictions, remember the message that preceded every episode after the first lockdown. They are in a no win situation. Damned is they damned if they don't

Sharon Boothroyd said...

As for Ray and Debbie having them over a barrel- it was irritating hearing the 'we're in the same boat' line being repeated by different characters.
There's an awful lot of cliches being trotted out! Writers are always advised to avoid them in their work. Corrie's full of 'em!
How has Michael has managed find the money for the wickedly expensive DNA tests?
Yes, we know it's not real, but Emma thinking about skipping off to Spain and Arthur emigrating to Canada? I didn't think that was allowed 6 - 8 weeks ago, was it?

Anonymous said...

See above post from Tilly Flop!

Nina said...

Tilly Flop-
but the point is the characters are not adhering to restrictions any way with all this talk of going on trips, non sensical mask/not mask wearing, meeting people not in their bubble/ household, going into places they don’t work (ie the factory) etc. I agree with dhvinhyl just make an announcement at the beginning and of the show about it not reflecting the real world.

Anonymous said...

Agreeing with Tilly Flop. It is not easy for the show to adhere to the procedure, so we have to pretend that Weatherfield is a different country with its own restriction, like in Denmark, it is perfectly okay to walk around without a mask, but inside at work, it is okay to be without a mask, except when you are shopping or the suchs. Let's sit back and enjoy different restriction rules on the show.


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