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Tuesday, 22 April 2008

Coronation Street Weekly Update, April 21 2008

Come in, sit down, relax and take the weight off your face. The kettle’s on and there’s cake in the shop so if you want some you’ll have to nip round there and fetch ‘us a loaf on the way back. And so, without any further ado, here we go with this week’s Coronation Street update.

It was Gail Platt’s 50th birthday this week and on the day when she should have been eating cake and drinking binge, she was drowning her sorrows instead. David was sent to the big house for four months in a young offenders’ institution for smashing up the Street and breaking his mum’s heart.

Not one to let a small matter of her grandson being jailed spoil a good party, Audrey invited a cast of thousands to the house, put her best frock on and helped herself to the gin. To the strains of the Stones singing Time Is On My Side (Yes It Is) there were embarrassed mutterings across the Platt living room carpet until Gail’s mates and neighbours slowly left the party, Gail headed up to bed and Audrey got stuck into the drink. Mind you, that Audrey’s going to need to keep a clear head as Gail’s real dad has been trying to get in touch, the only trouble is that he doesn’t know he’s got a child, even if she is now a 50 year old patron saint of suffering.

Over in the big house, David was trying to cope with being banged up and lied to Gail on her visit that he couldn’t phone her as the queue for the phone was too long. The truth was that he called girlfriend Tina instead. But if David was hoping to get an engaged signal from Tina then he’s got his wires crossed as there was no reply. She’d already dumped him when things got too weird. “I need a break,” she told him. “I’ve had enough, I’m getting the bus.” David’s sharing a cell with a bloke who sings his way through the day starting with How Much Is That Doggy In The Window and dispenses hardened words of wisdom: “Don’t sit on any razor blades”.

After Roy’s car caused chaos last week for Tony Gordon’s mega bucks sky scraper, there was a stand-off on the Street and Tony backed down after Roy’s Ghandi-like passive resistance. Tony donated ten thousand pounds to the bat charity of Roy’s choice, but ten thousand pounds is small change to a man like Eyeball Tony the Catalogue Man. Did you know there’s a Facebook group called Tony Gordon’s looking at me funny? Well, there is. Anyway, in the caff, Becky gave Roy a power hug in support, something which upset a sensitive soul like Roy greatly and he longed for the night to fall so he could check his emails from Hayley in th’Africa. Not sure what a power hug is? Steve McDonald demonstrates one here as he comforts Eileen when she realised she'd eaten the last of the chocolate Hob-Nobs.

Meanwhile, Jason and Becky are back together in the Rovers after Bill got them thinking and drinking in the pub. Jason had found out that Becky’s builder boyfriend Rick had a missus and a kid and he warned Becky, who took the news in her stride. She pinned Rick to the floor of the caff and smeared him with cream cake and tea. Atta-girl, Becks!

Elsewhere, Leanne’s hoping she can turn the burnt-out pizza place in the precinct into a late night drinking den and enlists Roger the plumber to give her some advice. She’s keen to get stuck in and feckless Dan the bookie man’s up for the idea too.

Over in the Rovers, Vernon’s got problems when Harry the bookie started chatting up Liz in the pub. He’s a flirt, is that Harry, and Liz is tempted but may have some reservations about a man who wears his glasses round his neck a la Larry Grayson. It’s a look that not many men can, or indeed should, carry off.

And finally this week, we found out that Dev’s a fluffy ditherer, according to his daughter, the wonderful Amber. Perturbed by this news, Dev seeks counsel from the wisest of them all on the Street and had a quiet word with Betty in the bar. “What kind of sweet would you describe me as?” he asked her. “Am I more of a chocolate √©clair or a marshmallow?” Betty looked him up and down and gave him the benefit of her wisdom. “I’d say you’re more fruit and nut.” And you can’t argue with Betty.

And that’s just about that for this week.

Coronation Street writers this week were, Stephen Bennett, David Lane, Simon Crowther, Jonathan Harvey and Jayne Hollinson.

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Tvor said...

Best scene from Monday first ep... Becky and Roy in the cafe. Becky telling him about her mother leaving her and Tripod. "Tripod?" Dog. Three legs. Used to push him round in a pram when he got old. Had no fight left in him. Roy "I know how he feels" Marvellous stuff.

Glenda Young said...

I know. The trouble with a Jonathan Harvey episode is that too much happens in terms of dialogue and nuance and it's hard remembering it all when it comes to doing the update. He's very good indeed.


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