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Monday, 14 April 2008

Coronation Street Weekly Update, April 14 2008

Come in, sit down, put your feet up and if you’ve got your good socks on without holes in then you can take your shoes off too. And so, without any further ado, here we go with this week’s Coronation Street update.

Poor Roy. Not only is he missing Hayley but he’s got living with Becky to cope with. He’s not best pleased when he finds Becky entertaining one of the builders and the pair of them are choo-choo-chooing around the living room to one of Roy’s LPs, the one that makes the sound of trains. That’s steam trains and old trains, locomotives from the golden age of railways, not last week’s National Express from York to London Kings Cross, which featured sound effects including guttural grunts of “Oi! You’re in my seat. I’ve got this one booked, shift or I'll nut yer” and the squeals of the passengers as the toilet door slides open (“eek” and “cheesus wept”) while they’re trying to hover over the loo seat just past Finsbury Park. Becky apologises, but the hurt’s been done and the damage has been caused. Roy’s also got a bee in his bonnet about the bats on the building site (ooh, I love alliteration). So that’s bats, Becky, bacon barms, and builders to bother him. Poor Roy. Tony Gordon talks Jason into smoking out the bats before the woman from Natural England (aka the bat woman) calls round. Jason does that face he does when he's thinking...

...and then does as he’s told, worried that if bat girl finds bats then the building site will close down and he’ll be out of a job. When Roy finds out what’s gone on, he plans his revenge. First he tries a sit-in on the site but he’s carried up and away by Jason and Bill. And when Becky finds out it was Jason who smoked out the bats, she does the same to him with a cigarette in the caf√©. Anyway, Roy then gathers his troops around him and Becky and Kenny (as she’s taken to calling him) join ranks and head to the bat cave where they unleash the bat mobile! Yes, the Morris Minor comes out of the garage and Ken drives it to the building site egged on by Roy in the passenger side and Becky in the back. As Ken steers it onto the cobbles, Roy tells him where to park it. And when Tony Gordon finds out that the Morris Minor is parked slap bang in front of the building site so that the lorries can’t get in, his face will be a joy to behold. It might be a Morris Minor, but it’ll give Tony Gordon a Morris Maximum headache. Tune in next week. Same bat time, same bat channel, same bat blog.

Over at the Rovers, the smokers’ shelter is finished and Liz has a celebratory fag and announces it open. Married life with Vernon is starting to grate and her head’s being turned by Harry Mason the bookie, she just doesn’t know it yet although he’s well aware of what he’s up to.

David was up in court this week and Gail was beside herself with anger and rage as he pleaded guilty to all charges. He’s to be sentenced this coming Friday and I bet Blanche has bought her bag of lemon bon-bons already. I know I have.

In the bookies, Leanne’s working behind the counter with Harry and Dan so the staff outnumber the customers by three to one. And that’s not good odds for business. There’s been another change of job over at Jerry’s kebab shop as Darryl told his dad he didn’t want to work there any more and a wanted sign went up in the window after Darryl chucked in his apron.

And elsewhere this week, Sean and Lauren planned their overseas jollies. I’m just hoping this is a ploy for Lauren to go abroad and never come back.

All in all, it’s been a rather dull week on Corrie and I don't often say that. Although the bat story has been strong, there’s not been much else going on. Hey-ho, it happens, c’est la vie.

And that’s just about that for this week.

Coronation Street writers this week were Peter Whalley, Stephen Bennett, Jayne Hollinson and Mark Wadlow

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