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Sunday 9 June 2024

Women of Weatherfield - Tina O'Brien

Sarah’s had a tough start to the year but we’re now seeing her focus turn to Bethany. How does she feel watching her daughter suffering again with Nathan back on the scene?

I think she’s just absolutely devastated, she knew that he wouldn’t be in prison forever but at least with him being there they could get on with their lives. Now they’re having to revisit it all and it’s breaking Sarah’s heart seeing how badly it’s affecting Bethany. 

How far do you think she’d go to protect Bethany, given what Nathan did to her last time? Can you see her ever getting on the wrong side of the law?

I think she’d pretty much do anything. She’s already broken the law by trying to pay him to leave so she’s crossed that line and I think she’ll do whatever it takes. She’s got another plan forming in her head and she’s clearly not thinking straight but she’s just trying to put her daughter first.

Sarah herself, do you think she’s sworn off men for a while or do you think she’s still holding onto feelings for Damon? 

I think she really thought Damon was the one and maybe had things not happened the way they did then they’d still be together. She was willing to overlook a lot of things to be with him but speaking to Gary she’s now saying maybe I just get infatuated with people, maybe I don't know what love is. Has she lost the one or does she even know which one was the one?! 

And Gary, she doesn’t seem to be able to let that one go does she, do you think there is still something with Gary?

She’s got this odd connection with Gary, they always had this ability to tell each other things that they wouldn’t tell other people. I think because he saw her at her worst I think they do tend to gravitate back to that depth of emotion. He shouldn’t be telling her how things have been with Maria but he did, despite knowing it’s probably not the right thing to do. Did they think they were getting up to anything, probably not, but were they breaking a certain code, yes. They’re the conversations you’re meant to have with your partner but they seem to be able to have them so much easier with each other. There’s definitely still a bond there, especially with Nathan back on the scene. Gary was there when Bethany went through that the first time, he knew exactly how horrific it was and rightly or wrongly I think he’s doing what he can trying to help get Nathan out of the picture. 

Do you still enjoy playing Sarah as much now as you did 25 years ago?

Wow, 25 years, that’s a big old question and it’s an interesting one, she was a 13 year old girl then and she’s a nearly 40 year old woman now. But yes I do, I love the job I do, I love the storylines I get to play, I don't always agree with her choices but I rethink that’s good, it makes it more interesting.
What has been your favourite time on the show?

I really loved my very first storyline, the teenage pregnancy storyline, that’s hard to beat just because of the age I was, the opportunity to play out a teen pregnancy and how much the story blew up. But I’ve also really loved all the affair stuff recently, I’ve loved the dynamic of that and playing her so torn between her head and her heart.  

How does it feel to be a Platt icon?

I feel so so lucky and honoured to be in the Platt family, it’s like waking up and realising you’re winning at life every day. In a soap there’s something about being a part of a long serving family which makes you really proud. I am just in awe of Helen and Sue, they’re such great actresses but they’re also really kind and giving and I think that sets a precedent about how the rest of the Platts behave on set. It all trickles down, there’s a lot of respect on set, there’s a lot of hard work but we also all have a laugh as well. There’s always a great energy and they’re just a great bunch of people to work with. I feel really honoured and very proud to be a Platt.

Have you made some great friends and female role models on the show over the years? 

It sounds like a cliche but it’s just such a lovely place to work, with the women on this shoot today there’s never anything but support, it’s a gorgeous environment to work in. We all play very different characters but when we’re all in the green room we’re all just a bunch of women chatting about our lives. We’re very lucky that we all get on really well. I can have some really deep chats or just be having a laugh, we’re always messaging each other, we’re part of a really lucky little club where we all get each other and support each other.

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