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Tuesday 11 June 2024

Corrie in pics: Will Toyah 'Nick' her sister's man?


Life has just got a whole lot more complicated for Toyah (Georgia Taylor) after finding herself in the arms of her sister’s husband-to-be Nick (Ben Price)!

In  last night’s visit to Weatherfield viewers saw both Toyah and Nick struggling to convince Leanne (Jane Danson) to step away from her growing association with Rowan (Emrhys Cooper) and the Institute.

With their relationship in freefall, Leanne then walked out of the flat and it was Toyah who was there to comfort Nick, in more ways than one!

After a shock passionate clinch, will Nick and Leanne regret letting their emotions get the better of them or will the pair embark on a forbidden affair? 

In our exclusive picture you can feel their internal struggle as both Nick and Toyah battle to put head over heart. Will tonight’s kiss change everything?

Georgia Taylor said: “It’s really confusing for Toyah, Nick is to all intents and purposes her brother in law and they haven’t always got on, so it's not like she's been harbouring some secret attraction. So this has hit her out of the blue, they’ve both been there for each other these last few weeks when life has been really tough and those feelings are starting to get a little bit blurred.”

“Toyah loves her sister but every time she feels guilty for leaning on Nick, Leanne does something to push her away again. It's difficult when you're angry at someone, but you also feel guilty for something you've done to them. It's very conflicting for Toyah.”

Glenda Young
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Anonymous said...

It seems that Nick likes cheating on Leanne with his sisters-in laws,first Kylie [which to a 'who's the daddy storyline?]and now Toyah?!
Toyah isn't much better cheating on her first husband with Peter and I bet she'll get pregnant with a 'miracle baby'.

Bobby Dazzler said...

I kind of like the idea of Toyah and Nick together. Leeanne and he should never have made it to Gretna Green in the first place...wasted all of those years

Sharon boothroyd said...

The sisters have shared a man several times - Peter Barlow, Imran and now Nick!
I think poor Nick should boot them both out.
In time, he could find a new love interest. Linda would fit the bill nicely.
She's classy attractive, smart, affluent... she'd be a refreshing change from strident arrogant Lee- anne and moany, whiney Toyah!
I like Michael bailey and Glenda together. It's nice to have a bit of cheer on the street.
It's good to see Debbie and Ronnie about, too.
They need to get a place together. We don't know where either of them lives but I'm sure there'd be a flat empty at Victoria court.
By the way, who bought Ed's builder's yard? Gary was supposed to be buying it, but he pulled out of the deal.

Anonymous said...

Why should Nick kick out both Toyah and Leanne? It takes 2 to tango and he's equally to blame!
Linda is also a lot older than Nick. Why should everyone always have to be in a relationship all the time? If he does split up from Leanne, let him be single for a while. Nothing wrong with that

Anonymous said...

I'm fed up with all the constant pairing too. Many people are permanently single, or take a break after an upsetting split. I can't see Linda falling for Nick anyway, even without the age gap. She seems pretty happy on her own. Glenda is 15 years older than Michael. I can't see that lasting if he ever wants more children.


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