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Saturday 11 May 2024

Coronation Street Episode Review Friday 10 May 2024

Bethany remains convinced that Nathan is responsible for murdering Lauren despite the lack of any evidence and any amount of persuasion expounded by Sarah-Lou or Daniel to the contrary.  It is 7 years since her own grooming - but as she says leopards do not change their spots.  Apparently Bethany had been told  that Nathan had been released - at her former London address and it has not been forwarded - and you can hardly blame the police for that.  However she eventually spots Nathan in the video reconstruction of Lauren's last known movements where he is wearing a hi vis jacket with a logo.  This enables her to find the relevant building site and he decides to go there and challenge him.  

George and Glenda continue to argue over the business and, well, everything.  Glenda sees Dee Dee who advises the downside risks are greater than the upside.  Glenda is almost going to follow this when another diatribe from George causes more upset.  She exacts her revenge by getting the business on the market and "Rest Easy" pop round to try and secure the business cheaply - but George is bemused until he is shown the estate agent's board in his front window!  It transpires that Glenda has not put it on the market - she just did it to wind up George.  At various points both are willing to negotiate a solution - but never at the same time so after further heated exchanges Glenda is once again at Barlow Legal Services seeking proper representation.  As Glenda observes where there is a will there is a way.

Bernie is clearly not herself and even Gemma spots there is something wrong with her - but Bernie is giving nothing away.  Gemma thinks it is all connected to Paul - but we know there is another part of her history causing upset.  Later Gemma tells Bernie that she was not a bad mother - but Bernie is convinced she could have done better.  Bernie admits she has some buried history - and Gemma tells her what is important is what she does now.  And eventually we see Bernie searching for a Christopher Green - so presumably a missing / adopted child - and letters from the family of his progress over the years.

Leanne is becoming ever more unreliable at work and has decided to setup a standing order without telling Nick for £200.  In return she appears to be receiving and taking vitamin pills which are intended to improve her neurological pathways - but all we see is her becoming ever more distant to her sister and husband.  Leanne is convinced they are working for her.  Toyah seeks to try and get her to see that she is being led a merry dance - but gets completely blocked with absolute denial by Leanne who asserts that you cannot put a price on your physical and mental well-being and that Toyah is simply not willing to open her mind to new approaches.  Toyah calls it a scam and Leanne does not want to know.

Maria accompanies Liam to a therapy session and continues to argue with Gary trying to cover up his moving out.  Gary insists they tell Liam they are splitting up - but Liam overhears her dumping Gary.  Eventually the three of them sit down for a proper discussion and Maria has to accept that Gary does care for Liam (Gary admits to messing up), despite events yesterday, so in a complete reversal of her position Maria tells Gary to stay - she might not be completely at ease with Gary and Sarah - but that having Gary move out is not beneficial for Liam.  They all hug.

Bethany grabs Nathan's phone as he unlocks it and runs away with it.  She finds that he subscribed to Lauren's Ovidz output.  Bethan hands it over to DS Swain and Nathan is interviewed - but denies any involvement and there is no real evidence on which to hold him plus he has an alibi for the relevant time.  As a result Daniel takes Adam along to put the fear of god into Nathan - who is going by the name of "Joe" at the job he has - obviously hiding his conviction.  Nathan says he will talk to his probation officer.  Later Bethany checks up on one of the other accounts to which Nathan has subscribed which she spotted on his phone and there is evidence of contact between this account and Nathan.

Not a bad episode - everything is trotting along and I fully understand the Glenda / George antipathy - they will eventually be reconciled - but at what cost in the interim?  I am pretty sure Nathan is a red herring - as is DS Swain - but he still looks like a nasty piece of work so let us hope Bethany finds some dirt on him.  And at some point Bernie is going to have to come clean - but could it have waited until Paul has gone and that loss triggered the search?

I am about to depart on another little jaunt so I very much doubt that I will be here next week.  If I am anywhere it will be Wales on a train.  I certainly hope to be back for the following Friday.

Written by Ella Greenhill and Emily Gascoyne.  Directed by Merlyn Rice.



Anonymous said...

I also think that Nathan is a red herring with regards to Lauren's disappearence.I also don't buy Bethany's concern about Lauren as she used Lauren to get the dirt on Ryan and Daisy for her articule and along with her family showed little sympathy for Roy when he was arrested.
Bernie's 'long lost son'storyline reminds me of when Nick found out Sam is his son while Oliver was dying and I think Bernie having another 'son'undermines Paul's storyline as he'll be 'replaced' and forgotten just as Olive rwas by Nick.

Anonymous said...

Bethany is so annoying. She can't possibly know that Nathan is the killer. If Lauren is indeed dead. I agree he's a red herring regarding Lauren, but his online activity dies look suspicious. And can he really get away with giving a false name to his employer? Don't they take up references?

Anonymous said...

False references?

Bobby Dazzler said...

An interesting theory by online sleuths....Joel and Nathan are brothers...Joe/Joel...expensive necklace etc etc etc. Maybe the killer is actually Joel, perhaps he secured the release of Nathan.
Just some fan thinking but sounds plausible on coronation Street.
We do know that Bernie's son will turn up on coronation street at some point as the role has already been announced.
Will D.S.Swain have a relationship with Nina? Maybe.So many little ends to tie up.

Humpty Dumpty said...

Bethany and Sarah are both boring characters with no redeeming (by which I mean entertaining) qualities. They look wrong together even if it's intentional to have petite Sarah with mature Bethany for a daughter - just looks wrong on screen. They don't work like a double-act in the way Gail & Audrey do, or Gemma & Bernie. If they're supposed to be more like sisters with the 13-year age gap, that doesn't come across either. Very little in Corrie that keeps my interest these days.


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