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Tuesday 21 May 2024

Tina O'Brien interview: Can Sarah get rid of nasty Nathan?

How does Sarah feel watching Nathan sniffing around again, almost taunting Bethany?

She’s so upset and angry, Nathan’s literally in her face and he’s just vile, he doesn’t care about anything or anyone and if anything I think he quite enjoys it. He’s basically saying that he’ll do what he wants, he’s not going to leave Weatherfield, he’s disgusting. Sarah just feels completely helpless then this plan brews in her mind and she’s determined to do anything she can to rid Bethany of him. 

Sarah tries to pay Nathan off, so how does she feel when he makes it clear he has no intention of leaving?

She’s devastated, she feels like she’s done everything she can to get him out of Weatherfield then he just throws it in her face. He took the money, now he’s making it clear he’s got no intention of going anywhere, he’s horrible. 

Why is Sarah so determined to get rid of Nathan?

She sees how he’s affecting Bethany, she knows how she fell apart last time, the trauma she went through and she’s really concerned that Bethany won’t feel safe in Weatherfield now. She doesn’t want her to always be looking over her shoulder to the point that she feels that her only option is to leave again.

Is she worried that his presence could push Bethany away?

It does get to the point where Bethany says I think I’m going to have to leave, I can’t stay and Sarah’s devastated by that. She’s only just got her daughter back and she wants her to be close by where she can have a relationship with her.

She makes a big decision, to try to plant evidence on Nathan, do you think she’s worried this could get her into trouble? 

She’s never done anything like this before, she’s made bad decisions but she’s never gone out of her way to actively break the law. I think she’s nervous and worried but she’s putting that to the back of her head because she’s determined to do what she can to make sure he leaves her family alone and he leaves her daughter alone. 

Does Sarah think, like Bethany, that Nathan is responsible for Lauren’s disappearance?

Sarah feels that he’s responsible and this is justice, if the police can’t find the evidence then she’ll try and put it there. She’s pretty convinced he’s behind this, she’s maybe not 100% sure but all the signs are pointing in his direction and that’s enough.

So how does she feel when Kit catches her in the act?

She’s really scared, she realises there is a possibility she could be caught out here and be charged. Obviously she knows it’s illegal but she’s been blinded by her want and need to protect Bethany and not thought the consequences through.

Are you enjoying revisiting the Bethany and Nathan storyline as part of the wider drama involving Lauren’s disappearance?

Absolutely, originally Sarah was quite separate to the Lauren storyline, it seemed to have nothing to do with her, but the second that Nathan resurfaced it brought her into the fold. It’s this want and need to find Lauren, to know if she’s alive or dead and to know if it’s Nathan who’s done this to her. So I’m really enjoyed being part of it.

Do you think it’s important to revisit the historic abuse of Bethany when focussing on another young woman caught up in that world?

I really do, it wouldn’t be real to say there’s an end to Bethany’s story, there’s never going to be an end for her. Nathan is still out there, he’s out of prison, he’s not going to have changed his spots. He certainly doesn’t seem rehabilitated and the more we learn about him the more we realise he is still possibly up to his old tricks. Just because there was a court case and he was convicted doesn’t necessarily mean it will ever all be over in Bethany’s heart or her head.

Knowing this will never be over for Bethany, how much guilt does Sarah hold onto as a mum?

I think she feels very guilty that she was led down the garden path as to what was really going on, although she never trusted or liked Nathan she didn’t have any idea as to what was really happening to Bethany. So she feels an enormous amount of guilt and wants to put things right however she can.

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Anonymous said...

After reading the phrase 'that Sarah has never done this before'with regards to planting evidence in Nathan's van,I would like to point out that Sarah has doen that sort of thing before.Sarah planted illegal drugs in David's drawer in the salon[that she bought from a drug dealer outside the bistro]to frame him so she could take the job in Milan that Stephen offered to David.Sarah even bragged about what she done to David to Jason who refused to go to Milan with her thus ending their marriage.
I also don't buy Sarah's and Bethany's sudden concern about finding out what happenned to Lauren.Bethany used Lauren to get the dirt on Ryan and Daisy and neither of them showed any concern for Roy when he was arrested.

Bobby Dazzler said...

Sarah and Bethany are quite the pair of self serving planks. Can't stand either of them anymore. Daniel should cast her aside for not believing him when he said he didn't attack Nathan...and every male (Gary) should steer clear.
Never done anything regarding planting evidence..NO, but that didn't stop her from planting Harry's father six feet under did it.
Two over rated characters....


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