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Tuesday 21 May 2024

Channique Sterling-Brown interview: Can Dee-Dee save Roy?

Roy’s case has really been taking over Dee-Dee’s life and led to her even receiving death threats recently. How is she coping with everything? 

I think Dee-Dee is really starting to buckle under the pressure. She’s been trying really hard to hold it all together but ultimately I think the pressure of the street and the pressure she has on herself is taking a toll on her. Roy isn’t just a client to Dee-Dee, she really values him as a person so I definitely think she’s starting to feel the immense pressure of it all and we can really see the strain that it’s putting on her. 

Dee-Dee must be used to similar cases after being a hot-shot lawyer in America but with everyone on the street relying on her to free Roy, is she out of her depth? 

I don’t think this case is out of her depth but I think the fact she’s coming up with so many blanks is starting to really cause her to doubt herself. She is finding all of these mitigating factors that should be brilliant evidence to free Roy but it just all seems to be coming up against resistance. She’s just looking for that one thing that’s going to bring it home, but that’s proving a lot harder than she could have ever imagined. 

How did you feel when you found out Dee-Dee would be representing Roy Cropper? 

It’s so crazy! I was really excited because It’s brilliant for me to get to work with more of the cast. It’s been really exciting because it’s such a big storyline for the year and it’s been great to get my teeth into more of the lawyer side and be in court again. It’s been a real rollercoaster of emotions, especially also playing the humanness amongst everything else with Dee-Dee having her own personal feelings working on the case whilst remaining a professional side, too. It’s been a great challenge for me and I’ve definitely learned a lot. 

What’s it been like working with David Neilson so closely? 

It has been absolutely brilliant! David is just so funny and he couldn’t be more different to Roy. I’ve just loved chatting with him, then the cameras will roll and we will rehearse and he absolutely embodies Roy in such an effortless way. It has been truly amazing and has also been a bit of a masterclass for me to play across from David and learn some of his wisdom and expertise. 

Now that they’re finally back together, Joel seems to really help keep her grounded and support her. Does she think this is the real deal now?  

Yeah, I definitely think so in terms of agreeing to move forward, she is definitely someone who believes in forgiveness and now that she’s made that decision for them, she is really excited about the future. In and amongst all of the chaos of life, he’s almost like her life raft in it and is the one who is keeping her ticking over by making sure she’s fed and afloat. The relationship is definitely proving invaluable to Dee-Dee. 

This week, it’s clear Dee-Dee is really feeling the pressure of Roy’s case when Bobby gets arrested for perverting the course of justice and she realises Roy’s defence is up in smoke. Do you think she’s losing all hope for Roy now? 

I don’t think she’s lost all hope because she believes Roy is innocent, but I definitely think the walls have closed in, in a new way. Now that Bobby has been arrested, I think it’s a race against time for Dee-Dee now to find something that will be concrete enough to ensure Roy’s innocence. He’s already suffered so much, so Dee-Dee is now so desperate to make sure he walks away. 

After putting so much of her time into the case and feeling like they finally had a breakthrough to then realise Carla and Bobby had kept this from her, does she feel betrayed by them? 

Dee-Dee definitely feels betrayed and really disappointed by Carla especially due to the fact she’s given her such a hard time. I think more than anything, Dee-Dee’s thoughts are just on Roy. Obviously Dee-Dee couldn’t be in the loop anyway because that would be a conflict of interest, but she does have a lot of frustration with the fact that Carla and Bobby have now caused a real problem going forward and that’s something that will definitely start to show. 

Speaking of betrayal, Dee-Dee will discover this week that Joel will be representing Nathan. How does Dee-Dee feel about this?  

Dee-Dee isn’t happy about Joel representing Nathan. Dee-Dee has such a strong moral compass and Nathan is potentially the key to proving Roy’s innocence. In addition to this, the fact that Nathan is someone who has hurt Bethany, and Dee-Dee and Sarah are really good friends, will probably cause a bit of friction between Joel and Dee-Dee. 

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