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Saturday 25 May 2024

Coronation Street Episode Review Friday 24 May 2024

I have returned and I can report that the people running the railways in this country do an excellent job of getting people to their destinations on time.  Only one cancelled train and one significant delay over 7 days of intensive rail travel.  However no trains tonight in Weatherfield and we are in pre-BGT week as we build up to the big reveal of what really happened to Lauren.  Cassie continues to stir the pot by letting slip accidentally on purpose to Kev that Abi was in touch with the drug dealing Dean again and was going to meet him in the precinct.  Kev drags Abi off of Dean before she uses the wrench she is toting and Abi goes to report him to the police.  Later poor Abi finds out that there are another four "sex tapes" out on the internet and as Dean was assisting the police with their enquiries at the time he could not have posted them.  After careful study Abi spots that they are in fact deep fakes - her face but the body has tattooes which are not hers!!  Kev summates 2 + 2 and the answer is Max - the lad with consummate IT skills - so Kev storms across to the Platt residence to confront him - but even Abi accepts that Max is probably not that screwed up, dragging Kev away before any harm is done.

Daniel mentions to Daisy that Bethany is feeling a little low and as he has unexpectedly been called into work with his suspension lifted so could Daisy check on her later.  Having summoned up her courage (and a vodka) Daisy takes a bottle of white wine around to the flat above the builder's yard where Bethany is less than appreciative of the visitation.  Daisy talks her way in and there is a lovely scene where the sworn enemies manage to put aside their differences to at least share a drink with Daisy talking about Justin and Bethany and her experiences with Nathan, different but both scared of the shadows as a result.  So when Daniel returns he can hardly believe his eyes as the two girls are both slightly drunk watching Mean Girls and is sent out for pizza and then told that his presence is not needed whilst they watch Barbie.

Joseph has invited some boys from Oakhill around for tea and Bernie and Gemma are in an absolute flap - she has bought fish fingers, chips and peas.  Linda Hancock (Jacqueline Leonard) has suddenly reappeared and at Joseph's request booked a table at the Bistro as they will be dining there - Joseph knew it would be too much for Gemma, therefore asking Linda to arrange it. Linda loves rubbing it in and is paying for the Bistro Bash which we do not actually get to see.  I know Linda is only doing good things - but everyone interprets it the wrong way all the time which must be horrendous.  Linda is also looking for a Manchester pad implying we will be seeing more of her - can I suggest that she is ideal for the next Mrs McDonald?  Go on please.

Simon is decided that he is joining Peter and in showing Carla pictures of the yacht he forgets that one of the photos depicts Peter with his arms around a lady.  Carla eventually discovers from Ken that Daniel, Adam and Simon all know but have not told her.  Carla knew one of them would move on first - but was hoping it would not be Peter.  However mature reflection with Simon as she says farewell to him is that one should not retain emnity and spotting a passing Daisy - on the hunt for more alcohol - offers her her old job in the Rovers and Daisy accepts.

Sarah makes great play of her return to the Platts by seeking to extinguish all reference to Sarah Barlow and ensuring that all correspondence is with her old/new surname, whilst Carla is back to being Connor (was she Barlow I cannot remember?).  Much is made of Glenda and Hope setting up a Little Big Shotz Bank Holiday car wash fund raiser which will no doubt feature next week.

Doing some cleaning David finds blond hair dye under Max's bed which the latter says Lauren must have left there and he had forgotten about them.  However the explanation seems oddly weak and Max refuses to chuck them out.

Roscoe and Roy are getting on well - however even better news for Roy is that Dee Dee visits him and apprises him of the contact messages on Lauren's site and that they will prove that someone other than Roy was sending her messages.  Also positively Roy and Evelyn setup a book club - they read a Winifred Holtby book and then discuss it over the phone which amazingly Roy has in his cell.  Less re-assuring is the arrival of Griff Reynolds the activist who recruited Max to his evil empire through the autumn of 2022 in the same prison and potentially in an adjacent cell to Roy.  And it would appear that Griff has a weapon and believes that Roy killed Lauren - so it looks like he might wish to exact his own revenge.

And leading to a long discussion in this house - just who is the extra in the front of this shot?

Overall an interesting episode with Daisy back in the Rovers, a charity event at which something will happen(!), who is looking to make Abi's life difficult and Griff seeking revenge for Lauren's "death" - all this and more will be revealed next week with only five half hour episodes.

Written by Nessah Muthy and Ellen Taylor.  Directed by Judith Dine.



Anonymous said...

Why can't Kevin see what a nasty piece of work Cassie is? She may even be behind the deep fake videos. Not clever enough herself but she probably knows someone from her junkie days.

Sharon boothroyd said...

I think Cassie is also behind the fake videos. I reckon she did it herself and learnt how to do it via online tech tutorials.
Although why she thinks Kev is such a good catch, I don't know!
He's a miserable beggar these days, always flying off the handle. Over the years, I feel he's got into playing Kev in a certain way and he can't snap out of it.
I don't think well- presented, smart, affluent Linda would look twice at the sad, pathetic scruffball that is now Steve McDonald.
I can picture her with a male success story - either Adam, Nick, Ronnie, Joel or Dev.
I'd like to see more of Debbie and bring Elaine back!
I'm wondering who Glenda's love interest is to going to be and I'm also wondering what they are going to do with Stu. I thought he'd gone for good.

Humpty Dumpty said...

I like the idea of Bethany and Daisy becoming friends. They are similar in many ways which might mean their friendship has its ups and downs but will be interesting for viewers. It would be good to have 'best mates' again on the Street. There are some but we don't see enough of Rita & Audrey, Sally & Gail.

Anonymous said...

I agree with the above comment about Kevin and wonder if the writers are setting up a 'Fatal Attraction'type storyline for him as Cassie seems determined to destroy his marriage to Abi.
I really hope that Grif doesn't kill off poor Roy before the truth about Lauren comes out.I'm done with Corrie if that happenes.

Anonymous said...

Am reluctant to be ageist, but Jacqueline Leonard is 58, so a bit old for some of your suggestions . Defo too sophisticated for Steve. Glenda would be a better match for him. But I think he will reunite with Tracy.
There was no reason for Kevin to storm round to see Max. He is an idiot. It's obvious that Cassie doesn't really care for Kevin, she just wants financial security. And the cheek of her, objecting to washing cars. She's lucky to have the garage job at all. She has no qualifications and is the most junior staff member - of course she should be the car washer.
I agree about Roy. But surely the writers wouldn't dare kill him off?
Elaine makes a good occasional visitor. I doubt Paula Wilcox wants to commit to a full-time r├┤le.

Bobby Dazzler said...

The lovely Linda....would she dabble with Nick? with the young Adam Barlow (Alya~out of mind out of sigh)or..hehehe, Ken the lothario?
Cassie is 100% out to get Kev, and she doesn't care about his crabbi ness...he's the first semi normal male who has shown her the slightest interest, she's hardly the catch of the day!
Deepfake? Hmm not Max, not Dean, not Cassie...could it be Corey??? Lots of time in prison to screw with people, especially ones who try to get rid of a film.


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