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Monday 27 May 2024

Coronation Street Episode Review Bank Holiday Monday 27th May

Nathan - Corrie - ITV 

Let's not cry over spilt tea. Welcome to the start of Corrie's Big Week with the Little Big Shotz car wash (and they've even splashed out on the Rose Royce song), Nathan taunting Bethany from a van and Roy's Winifred Holtby novel soaking in tea on the prison cell floor. Since this is a Big Week, the ep is filmed in a naturalistic way with multiple close ups, natural light and shadows, and jumps in time. It's supposed to be unsettling as it's not Corrie as we know it and it works (even though its raining on the street and sunny two seconds later in the yard).

ITV Coronation Street fans 'work out' Bethany Platt's next move as betrayal  exposed - Mirror Online

Bethany yells at Craig who - lest we forget - is just a constable about Nathan's proclivities which makes Sarah so mad/guilty she runs to the builder's site and finds out that £10K hasn't bribed Nathan to leave after all, which is hardly surprising. Sarah's got another stupid plan, which involves planting Lauren's hair bobble (that Max found chez Platt) in Nathan's van. We've already seen Bobby's attempts to pervert the course of justice going badly, why does Sarah think her actions'll be any different?

Corrie's Sarah Platt's dramatic real-life - 'dark days', feud with ex and  true love - Mirror Online

Kit, who seems to be stalking Sarah, turns up as she's planting the bobble, which she puts back in her pocket and Kit gives her a talking to just before arresting Nathan. All's well that ends well?? I guess we'll see over the next four days....

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Anonymous said...

How many times did the script say ‘Sarah stares into distance’?
Also why did Sarah look down at her shoes when Bethany said they must smell of coffee? She had long since changed her shoes and trousers.

Anonymous said...

I really don't get the hate against Sarah. She is a mother who is desperate to help her daughter. Desperate people don't think logically.

I really love this style, unique storytelling and I can see how it will pass along the baton to Carla tonight. Excited to watch.

Anonymous said...

I don't like how Lauren's disappearence becomes a Bethany\Sarah storyline when a few months ago Bethany used Lauren to get dirt on Daisy and Ryan and neither of them showed any concern about Roy.
I also think that Nathan is a red herring in Lauren's disappearence.

Bobby Dazzler said...

Corrie tries to be so edgy and in the end annoyed me for the most part. Sarah constantly staring off into space...found this very repetitive. Rely on the writing and let the actors do their job, they don't need special stuff if the writing is good. 6/10....we'll see how the rest of the week goes.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous[12;03]I could understand Sarah's worry and wanting to help Bethany but she also has a son,Harry to think about and her actions against Nathan could also result in Sarah getting arrested ,what happens to Harry then?
As I posted before neither Bethany or Sarah seemed concerned about Lauren or the fact that Roy is falsely accused of her 'murder'until Nathan shows up.
So their concern seems self serving and now about justice for Roy and Lauren.


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