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Sunday, 7 August 2022

Glenda Shuttleworth is a breath of fresh air

Hello! It’s been a minute, hasn’t it? A lot has happened on the cobbles since I’ve bored you all, but I absolutely had to share with you my thoughts on the Street’s latest arrival- the fabulous Glenda Shuttleworth.

I cannot tell you how pleased I was when I found out that Iain MacLeod was further investing in the Shuttleworth’s. George arrived in 2020 and has since provided a much-welcome relief from everything else going on. Not just on a comedy scale, which Tony Maudsley executes perfectly, but also on a humanitarian scale. 

George is kind-hearted, looking out for those around him. He’s taken Todd under his wing, creating an unlikely, but bloody brilliant, comedy duo, whilst also sharing some heart-felt friendship. When Maria had a tracker on her the other week, George escorted her to the caf√© and made sure she was OK. After a long string of undesirable men, George has given Eileen the happy-ever-after she’s always wanted, whilst also giving her the nickname, Eyelash, a name which is ultimately too cutesy for Eileen, but I think that in itself shows George’s kind nature all the more. 

With all that said, the addition of George Shuttleworth made the No.11 family the strongest it's been in years… and then along comes Glenda. 

As soon as I read about her character, I fell in love. She was to be bright, bubbly, fun, and a good laugh, which, and I say this with love, is so sorely missing in Corrie right now. Most of the characters who used to embody that can’t go a week without something in their life going horribly wrong, and it’s exhausting. 

For the first time in a little while, I was genuinely excited to watch Friday’s episode, knowing Glenda would be showing her face for the first time, and it was everything I’d hoped for and more. 

She completely lived up to expectations, something I don’t say lightly. After George got himself high as a kite on Eileen’s painkillers, Glenda swooped in to save an otherwise disastrous funeral, whilst keeping Mrs Pugh off of Todd’s (Rod’s) back. 

And, of course, SHE’S A CABARET SINGER ON A CRUISE SHIP!! Glenda Shuttleworth already screams camp, glamour, mischief, and fun. After a life on the ocean ended after an affair with her percussionist, there was only one place for her to end up- behind the Rovers’ bar. It hasn’t happened yet, but that’s apparently where she’s heading. It was the obvious choice, and a genius one. Not only does she hold every characteristic that qualifies her to be a Rovers barmaid, but it gives her the chance to interact with every character imaginable. 

I cannot end this post without mentioning Jodie Prenger. I must confess, I hadn’t seen her in anything before, but I did my research and learnt of her varied career. I know we’re only one episode deep, but Jodie is a shining example of perfect casting. A character like Glenda could so easily tip into the farcical, a bit of a joke, but that is certainly not the case here. There is a sweet balance of everything I’ve already listed, and it’s left me waiting for Monday’s episode to roll around faster. I also get the impression that if, or when, she’s given more of a backstory and we see some vulnerability, Jodie will play that with as much class and brilliance as she’s already shown us in her debut episode. 

Having been around for a while, a lot of fans (including myself) hold the No.11 household very close to our hearts. We’ve bore witness to heartache, love, friendship, loss, and even a serial killer thrown in for good measure, all within those four walls. When someone new enters, we’re instinctively wary, worried that someone is about to rock the chaotic, familial boat. Having Glenda interact with every member of No.11 (except Mary) in her first episode was a very smart thing to do. 

She talked Sean down from his emotional ledge, instructing him to take deep breaths so that he didn’t start wailing during Ave Maria. She made for a very fabulous undertaker and helped Todd with the important funeral. Her reunion with George was undoubtedly heart-warming, revealing sweet nicknames before hugging warmly. She announced that Eileen wears the same perfume as the Shuttleworth Nan, something Glenda thought was a marvel, but left a sour taste in Eileen’s mouth. 

It was excellent. Straight out the gate, we can already anticipate her role within No.11, how her relationships will flourish with her new-found tribe. There is no worry how she will fit in with our already beloved characters because she has already proved that she does, seamlessly. She is a true breath of fresh air, the classic Corrie woman whom this show was originally so lovingly based on. I sincerely hope she sticks around for a long time. 

That is how you debut a character, and I’m so excited to see more of Glenda. From what I’ve seen online, I’m not alone in falling in love with her instantly. The outpouring of love I’ve seen for her is wonderful. But, Corrie, don’t give her any misery just yet, OK? By all means, give her a backstory, let her be vulnerable, but also, let her be loud, colourful, camp, and joyous, whilst also ruffling a few feathers. I can’t wait. 

Sophie Williams

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Anonymous said...

I hope the writers don't make the same mistake with Glenda as they did with Cathy,have her in one or two storylines then push her aside in favor of the Platts and the Barlows.
I want Glenda to be given a fair chance with storylines on her own or with her brother George.

popcorn said...

Great character analysis, Sophie.

coconno196 said...

I agree with every word. Am a fan of Jodie. She brings some of her own warmth into all her characters.

Bobby Dazzler said...

I absolutely loved her from the moment I clapped eyes on her...Terrific casting. I can actually believe she is a Shuttleworth.
Too true...all gloom and doom and strife in the other households, nothing ever goes to plan does it?
Will Mary like Glenda...oh yeah, they'll probably start singing together.
I'd like to see her pair up with that'd be something!!

David Hughes said...

Totally agree with everything. I’ve loved Jodie for ages and can’t wait for her character to be built in the way others have already mentioned. Dare we hope the spirit of the Street from 60+ years ago, is finally returning?

Anonymous said...

Don't have her paired up with anyone for a while, keep her single. She doesn't have to be in a relationship with anyone


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