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Friday, 12 August 2022

Coronation Street Episode Review;Wednesday 10th of August 8 pm

Casting aside the dodgy acoustic guitar songs and (long forgotten) random cough, I'm unsure what to make of these latest developments with top scouser and all-around nice guy, Stu Carpenter. Flaky boozy vagrant, he was, but redemption seems to have been made via his Bistro job, foodbank plan, surrogate daughter Kelly, and blossoming romance with Yasmeen. With this murder conviction from his past now rearing its head, is Stu actually another bad guy?

Tonight, Yasmeen makes it clear that she wants distance between them, whilst Kelly arranges for Billy to give him some spiritual guidance. Although Stu seems hellbent on leaving the street, he departs from the hospital (very quickly!) and is soon back at Speed Daal, and outside Victoria Court, hoping to make things up with Yasmeen, and Kelly, respectively. Sneaking into N0.6, Stu confronts Yasmeen and explains his innocence, affair, and framing for the murder. Yasmeen is stoic in response and Stu’s pleas are ignored. Yasmeen calls Zeedan for help, and then Craig arrives to arrest Stu. Later, Yasmeen seems pensive and is possibly regretting the arrest. A notable scene tonight was Billy and Shona discussing the finer points of capital punishment! That was hilarious. More from those two, please, Corrie! 

‘It's like pulling teeth’ has yet to be said by any character in this latest Sean romance dentistry drama, but Corrie can be forgiven, as newbie Glenda Shuttleworth is just divine! I must admit to having a slight Corrie crush (Sorry, Alya!) on her dulcet tones. Does Jodie Prenger do a podcast? I could listen to her speak, all day. Let's hope this is a long-term stint rather than a guest slot, and I was glad to see Mary back tonight too - what a duo those two make! 

Although, their sleuthing is unneeded as Laurence (the dentist) turns up at Shuttleworths looking for Sean. George arranges a date night for them both, but Sean is nervous and reluctant to attend, wishing to put Dylan first. With help from Mary, Glenda, and Eileen, Sean changes his mind, and it's toothy grins, all around. I got confused with the shoe joke but it was light-hearted soapy stuff. Does this mean we’ve seen the last of Frank? I’m not so sure. 

Meanwhile, Ryan has his day in court following last Wednesday’s comedy casino night heist and has little support from Debbie, but Ronnie manages to make a court-side appearance. Pleading guilty, Ryan’s fake mitigation plea (that Ray Crosby did it) falls on deaf ears, but luckily he escapes jail with a community service sentence. Ryan is left morose, bereft, and at a loss as to where his life is now going. Later, Debbie tells him the insurance has failed to pay out, so she offers him a job at the Bistro. 

Audrey is also at a crossroads tonight, as Doctor Gaddas suggests anti-depressant treatment following her ‘suicide attempt’. We don't know if she did it, nor if she meant it, and I’m not sure Audrey understands it either. It's a sensitive subject, and in this current climate, Corrie deserves praise for raising this. We don't know if she accepted the offer, as Adam Barlow (sporting another new hairdo) spots Audrey rushing into the Rovers and later tells her this, with Stephen in her presence. 

Elsewhere - Speed Daal is very busy, but with Alya taking a business break with her new beau Matt, Yasmeen is feeling the stress, but Zeedan holds the fort strong! Tonight's dinner guests include; Tim and Steve sharing Dad jokes, and Spider mysteriously splashing the cash, telling Leanne he will leave Weatherfield by the end of the week. Toyah is still struggling as she prepares to move out of the flat, and part with Imran’s possessions, which causes a row with Adam. Spider defends her honour. Kirk is feeling lonely. 

An all-around enjoyable (albeit fast-paced) episode! 

I am @rybazoxo self-styled cobbles connoisseur & Coronation Street superfan 

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coconno196 said...

Stu sounds Geordie to me? Frank is the scouser. Very mean of Yazmeen to bin his watch, especially as she seems to be starting to believe Stu.
Shona was hilarious on capital punishment. Ken's reasons were spot-on. Great scriptwriting.
Am also enjoying the Sean/ Laurence story with all his friends' involvement.
Big question: what is Spider living on? As Zeedan said, "protesting must pay well" when Spider gave him a huge tip.

Anonymous said...

Something dodgy about spider, are corrie marking another likeable character bad?. Also the actor playing stu is from Middlesbrough so not a scouser

Anonymous said...

How disgusting of Sean to talk with his mouth full. Not a good look on a first date.


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