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Thursday, 4 August 2022

Coronation Street Episode Review;Wednesday 3rd of August 8 pm

Following the great Bistro casino heist of 2022 (that's what I'm calling it, anyway) it seems the Corrie romance roulette wheel has gone into another spin, with a few threads woven into tonight's 'whodunnit’ and the fall-out from Weatherfield's latest money-spinning crime plot. Tonight is rather a strange start as keystone cop PC Craig Tinker is unusually quick in determining that it's an inside job! Deciding that Ryan is a witness / suspect, the barman is bothered by the sudden guilt, and Debbie takes it in her stride, as she always does (she is Coronation Street gold)! 

Anyway, with the CCTV not being linked to the electrical outage, (she’s not had much luck with electricity recently, has she) Craig and the Bistro staff are quick to review the footage and Ryan is arrested. 

Whilst being questioned by the police, Ryan makes his legal ‘one phone call’ to Debbie, making light threats about pinning the crime on her, but she barters him down with talk of expensive legal rep and bargaining tools. Talking of which, Ronnie Bailey’s relationship with Debbie is entangled in all of this, and he’s the first to suspect Debbie’s involvement in this safe-cracking farce and comes to a conclusion. Correctly suspecting Debbie’s insurance fraud, Ronnie confronts her about it, and although she exclaims her guilty feelings, he uses that as a tool to break up with her. 

Meanwhile, Ryan gets released on police bail but loses the pub job, his reputation, and Alya's trust in the process. Debbie promises him a way to get out of it, including financial compensation, but then gives ALL of the robbery proceeds to Aggie and Ed, so she is obviously back to square one.

All bets also seem off when it comes to Sally and Tim’s marriage, following the Casino night, Tim's night on the sofa, and Sally discovering his online porn use. Tonight, Tim’s mucky quagmire leads him to engage in another clandestine meeting with Aggie. I'd say that, because, neither Ed nor Sally is aware of these cosy chats, and well, I’m guessing this friendship is only burgeoning - this is soap land, after all. Sally goes on the warpath around Underworld, and after a chat with Carla, she confronts Tim, telling him they need some space apart. Aggie gives Tim spiritual advice, which leads to a mental breakthrough, which he then relays back to Sally. Sally is pleased but Tim fails to tell her where this amorous advice came from! Sally was also online viewing houses (her own kind of porn). Has she had ideas about moving again? 

George’s toothache (caused by Sean’s pork crackling, ooh er!) is still causing him trouble, but death stops for nothing! Tonight, Shuttleworth's is the centre for lighthearted Corrie comedy. George has an argument with a rival undertaker over a potential buyout ( Rest Easy - great name), and a pushy Mrs Pugh to deal with. George is reluctant to sell and is keen to keep good to the family reputation, even with the offer of £400K.  

Elsewhere, romantic odds and relationships are tested, via tonight’s light drama supplied by Daisy and Daniel, Yasmeen and Stu, and Jenny and Leo. Being interviewed by the gazette, Stu’s foodbank idea gives everyone food for thought and the journalist is well impressed. Meanwhile, Leo has had an offer to go to Vegas without Jenny, and Daniel still appears reluctant to return to teaching. A new term is just around the corner, and Ronnie (a Jenny ex) has split up with Debbie! I would put money on both happening pretty soon! 

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david H said...

I know I had a Corrie sabbatical for six months but doesn’t Daniel have a child lurking somewhere?

coconno196 said...

Invisible Bertie. Always with Auntie Beth. Daniel has left it too late for a September teaching job as all staff will already be in place. But this is soapland, so doubtless a sudden vacancy will appear.

Anonymous said...

Jeanie (anon) If Ryan is leaving suddenly, why not write him out in a believable way--eg. he is leaving for a gig in Ibiza? I've never been a Ryan fan--he is written and played as an idiot--but to ruin his character like this just seems unfair. Debbie has form, but Ryan has always been a decent, upfront guy--why would he decide to rob a bistro after all of two minutes' reflection? And to be so idiotic as to do it with the cameras on? Ridiculous! Wouldn't he at least wear something to cover his face, as a precaution? And wouldn't his knowing the code tip off more people than just Ronnie?

Such a pathetic story--the viewers deserve better and so did Ryan, who has been around for a long time as a character. But now it looks like both of Michelle's "sons" will be able to catch up in jail.

Anonymous said...

Erm, Jenny was invited to Las Vegas. She got all excited about being called a bird at age 50+


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