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Friday, 12 August 2022

Coronation Street Episode Review Friday 12 August 2022

Evening Corrie fans, it’s Kelly here with your Friday night review.

It’s Toyah’s last day in the flat before she moves in with Nick and Little Miss Stompy (credit to @rachel_london for that perfect moniker). She’s struggling to get rid of Imran’s stuff so takes a break in the café, where she finds out from Shona that Spider has been arrested during a protest. Toyah marches to the police station where she accuses the unamused desk sergeant of fascist repression. Then, when Spider is realised and comes round to thank her, she jumps on him and they end up in bed together. It doesn’t go all that well, as immediately afterwards she tells him it was all a mistake and that he should leave. 

Meanwhile, Rita enlists Stephen, Ken and Roy to think up a non-alcoholic way to cheer up Audrey. Debbie suggests afternoon tea at one of her hotels, which goes down quite well until Ms Webster asks for a credit card deposit. This for some reason puts Reet in a mammoth strop. For reasons I didn’t quite understand it’s left up to Stephen to sort out the payment, (did Ken and Roy both forget their wallets?), which means we find out that all Stephens’s credit cards have been declined. 

Eventually he rings up and pays but with a credit card belonging to Mrs Gabrielle Reid. Well he’s not interesting enough to be a drag queen on the sly, so we can only assume he’s some kind of conman…though one far less charming than the late lamented Lewis Archer. Later he charms Yasmeen and Elaine by offering a raffle prize for a fundraising event they’re organising. Watch him you two, he’ll have your bank accounts cleared out before you can say ‘toy boy’.

Elsewhere, hapless berk Craig is annoying Faye with his menopause obsession. He ruins her planned lunch at the Rovers with a healthy salad and when they visit Speed Daal he pulls out a chart of beneficial food groups. Oooh having all my food monitored Craigy? How romantic.

Over at the Bistro, Stompy and Nick return and are horrified to find Ryan back behind the bar. Debbie is forced to fess up that they planned the robbery together and that she’s on the verge of bankruptcy. After a bit of her patented shouting and scowling, Leanne gives Debbie a second chance as long as she pays the money back. Which is nice of her when you consider that she recently took money from the Bistro to pay for Toyah’s lawyer, which all seems to have been forgotten about.

Back at Toyah’s flat, Abi calls round to thank her for giving her the savings account that Imran set up for Alfie. She finds Toyah in a bad way. She tells Abi she’s lonely and feels guilty for sleeping with Spider. Abi reassures her that she’s just grieving and that it didn’t mean anything.

Feeling better, Toyah finds Spider in the Rovers and they make friends again. With the air cleared between them, Spider leaves to take a phone call and tells the caller that he’s been really busy and can’t wait to get back. I really hope his secret is just that he’s only a protester at the weekends and on weekdays he runs a respectable accountancy firm in Prestwich called Nugent & Partners. 

And that’s it for this week. Tho before I go, I feel duty bound to point out to you that as a one-night-stand has occurred, by the sacred laws of Corrie this should mean that Toyah is pregnant with a spiderling (yes that’s really what they’re called. I looked it up). Thank me in the comments or on twitter @mskelstar.

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Humpty Dumpty said...

Kelly, your write-up hits all the low points - because that's all there is at the moment. One low point after another. How I wish that Stu, against all soaplore conventions, actually is a murderer and he wasn't framed at all. I guess Craig must be seen as a good cop now after he allowed himself to be silenced when he was a rookie. Don't we all know that: Stephen's bankrupt and is after Audrey's money; Stu and Yasmeen will reconcile; Spider has at least one lover back home or perhaps he lives in a commune where it's share and share alike; Alya and Ryan will try again; Debbie will hit upon a wonderful business idea ...

coconno196 said...

How will all Toyah's stuff fit in Leanne's flat?
Why aren't Shona and Sarah suspicious of Stephen after his loud phone call in the café?
Craig clearly knows something about DS Lennox so I hope it's not too long before Stu is exonerated and back with Yazmeen.
Good that Leanne finally remembered Valandro's.
Can't imagine what Spider is up to but doubt he will hurt Toyah.

CK said...

Could Spider be speaking to Emily?


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